#1st æternity Meetup in Stuttgart (27.03.2019)

Yesterday I had the honor to present æternity to the technical audience in Suttgart at OLI Systems as part of the CryptoMonday meetups.

Here are the slides of the presentation if anybody is interested in using/adapting them for future presentations:

I tried to cover all features æternity currently provides. I think the audience had fun (especially to take the quiz at the end of the presentation to win some tokens :smiley:) and is now interested in learning more about æternity in general.

If you want to use the quiz in future presentations you can do so, too:

Here some pictures (taken from twitter tweets) of the meetup:

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That’s an excellent first meetup @marco.chain!! :star_struck::muscle: Hope to see more technical workshops soon from you! :raised_hands:


Really nice! Looks like you included quite a few details in your presentation. That’s what we need.

Keep up the good work!


there will definitely come some technical workshops in the next months! =)

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Btw here are some of the interesting questions from this meetup:

  • how can state channels be compared to lightning network / are state channels similar to the lightning network?

  • how can the reputation / realibility of an oracle be determined if the queries get garbage collected after the TTL expired?

  • regarding governance --> is there any penal system if a vote decided to go for feature XY but then it won’t be implemented?

Hey, sorry for the delay in answering:

  • I believe this question is answered to some extent here:
  • I’ll forward the last one to our developers :wink: