[2019.4.25]Hspminer: fastest aeterntiy miner 2.2.4 for Linux and Windows


devs,need to implement this to enable mining for 3gb cards:


I was able to screw out only 141-142n, what are your overclocking settings?


Thank you for your great support!
Sorry for the late reply I am improving aeternity mining these days and I am going to update the 2.0.8 aeternity miner which will have significant much higher speed, when I update it I will let you know, thank you all the time!

Bminer 15.4.0 improve the performance of Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity and add an experimental flag --fast to improve the performance

I have just checked again since i wrote my message as i lowered the power limit. Those are the results for my 3x1070 non ti. Without surprise the lowest numbers are for a crappy zotac mini 1070.
I say this because i have these results with power limit 75, core +0, mem +400 (so 4200 mem in afterburner) for all 1070 and results vary.

170 to 174 for 1070 ti with same overclock.

Not sure if important but i have 80gb swap file on my rigs.


I cant wait for that. I dont understand why a lot of people praises bminer 50% faster when i have as much rejected shares than accepted shares.


Hi hspminer :blush:
Could you help leafpool setting your miner for his pool?


You could have any miner other than in china if it works :innocent:

From telegram CryptoMinerOS (LeafPool):
Our pool is not yet active. I made my own miner but is not yet released. I asked the developers of exisiting ae miners on the specification of the stratum protocol of the existing pools so I can make our pool compatible with exsting miners already but nobody shared the specification.


Guys could you please add support for 3gb cards ?


I’d try Leafpool if I could find their pool address for AE. It still looks like a work in progress.


yeah,devs,need to add.


@hspminer please do this.


Update(for windows now, will add linux later)
Note: The current version does not support the 1066 and below cards under win10. The 20xx series is not supported now but will be supported in following versions. Please use the 207 version temporarily.

HSPMinerAE 2.1.2 2019/2/3
Fix: Fixed 700 error when running 1080ti multi-cards.

HSPMinerAE 2.1.1 2019/2/2
Add: Improve cpu occupancy by 20%, but slightly affect mining speed (<0.5%)

HSPMinerAE 2.1.0 2019/2/1
Add: Improved the 700-code problems and improved high CPU usage of some cards

HSPMinerAE 2.0.9 2019/1/31
Add: 20% increase in mining speed

HSPMinerAE 2.0.8 2018/1/18
Add: 30% increase in mining speed


If aeternity team has finished the standard strutam standard, I am willing to help leafpool, thank you!

BTW, you are welcome to test the newest version 2.1.2 and I am still ongoing for the better aeternity miner, thank you!


Wow i am really impressed by your new miner.
In all honesty i was using bminer then dropped it for Gminer where i was able to have an average of 11.37 on beepool (bminer was almost the same but with rejected shares).

I runned my 10 minutes test (lol) and gminer found 80 shares (0 rejected) and yours found 84 shares (0 rejected).

Enough for me to try your miner on all my rigs and i will report in 24 hours what average i have now. If it’s as stable as the early versions i was using you really did a great job with this new miner :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback, it really helps my improvement of aeternity miner.
There is still some improvement space which is the reason I haven’t provided the regular Linux version, which will also be coming in the next step.
Anyway,happy mining ! If any feedback, you are welcome to share it here and let more people know it.


For now i have 12 as average so it outperforms bminer and gminer and it s not 24 hours yet. Yesterday gminer made an update and i had 20% more pc side but pool side there were no change. They said there is a bug. Well for now you are the best :+1:
If you want more popularity you should post on aeternity telegram channel and create a topic on bitcointalk like bminer and gminer do…


12.67 average in 24 hours so more than 10% vs gminer :blush:


Thank you for your feedback!
BTW, I have a post in bitcointalk:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5092501.new#new it will be great if you can also share your status there:wink:
I am sure will share in the telegram as well, thank you for your advice!:grinning:


Yeah… will do it… you know the more people use great miners, the more the difficulty increases… :smiley:

But it’s ok you deserve it.


There is a typo in the title of your bitcointalk thread : aeterntiy instead of aeternity :blush:


Do have any eta on the linux version. I would love too use your miner but I’m on HyveOs.