Abuja meetup Nigeria

So great to talk about Aeternity Blockchain with this wonderful entrepreneurs. We basically discussed introduction to Aeternity Blockchain, the features and difference from other Blockchain platform, we focused on state channels and smart contract. We discussed how it’s cheap and safe to make transactions through state channels, and also the transparency that smart contract brings, we also discussed how these entrepreneurs can integrate the blockchain technology into their ideas and bringing it to reality, and we are working with the developers community in Jos, who are ready to work on any idea that’s going to work on the blockchain.

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Hey @Nafty, thank you for your support and dedication :slight_smile:

We hope hear soon about their ideas integrated in the æternity blockchain. Since you were talking about state channels and smart contracts, maybe you can share with them this thread: State Channels AMA in Telegram - Q&A that contains the questions that were answered yesterday by Dimitar Ivanov during the Ask-Me-Anything Session in Telegram.


Hi @Nafty ,

Great to see things kicking off in Nigeria!

We at HomePort are interested in knowing more about the tech environment there. We have some specific ideas we’d like to share, so let me know if you got Telegram so we can get in touch and discuss.



Here is a short video from the meetup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nsmY5MBSeJCRbNkPq7Q_IUUPouKVoeox/view?usp=sharing