[Active] SuperHero its Vegas Product development of the proposal

when can play?Hope to officially host this year’s World Cup forecast !@yani.chain

Participation thresholds can be set; such as retweeting of events。The ae community is too small; it needs to expand


Vegas 2021 Q4 Report
We finished according to the plan

  1. Adjust the UI to the black layout
  2. Switch the front-end framework to Vuetify
  3. Integrated super hero wallet tuning
  4. Prepare smart contract and test of Vegas
  5. Confirm the final gameplay rules of the first version

This is the UI after the latest frame switch, with a black theme

This is the contract code after implementation ,I’m not sure if the contract is completely free of security issues yet, as this is the next step, which will focus on integration and extensive testing of the contract and the front end, and deployment on the test network to identify and improve issues

Vegas It’s coming soon, with a beta release expected in the first quarter


A lot has been done recently, and you’ll be able to test it out soon


Vegas starts the test, tests the process

  1. Install the SuperHero browser wallet using Firefox or Google Chrome
    A. firefox browser address https://www.firefox.com.cn/
    A. Google plugin address Superhero - Chrome Web Store
    B. SuperHero plug-in address Superhero – 下载 🦊 Firefox 扩展(zh-CN)

  2. After logging in to the wallet, select AE Test Network from the Settings and receive the AE test coin
    A. Settings → Network-testnet
    B. receiving test currency address https://faucet.aepps.com/

  3. Visit VegasApp after receiving the product and start your first experience
    A. superhero-vegas (PC)

Gameplay introduction:
Private predictions are predictions created for the average player, with the creator determining the outcome
A shared forecast is an official created forecast that is retrieved by the aggregator

Some of the details are being developed and completed in a test project. Come and experience it

At present, I have put it on my own server, the server performance will be slow to load at the first time, please understand, after the later online, it will be SuperHero deployment

Please understand that the contract may be reset frequently during testing

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Wow this looks great!! Can you create an example in English on the platform to understand it more easily?

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We are testing on the test net. Over time, record the introduction into a video


Vegas starts a second test, testing the process

  1. Install the SuperHero browser wallet using Firefox or Google Chrome
    A. (firefox browser address https://www.firefox.com.cn/
    A. (Google plugin address Superhero - Chrome Web Store
    B. (SuperHero plug-in address Superhero – 下载 🦊 Firefox 扩展(zh-CN)

  2. After logging in to the wallet, select AE Test Network from the Settings and receive the AE test coin
    A. Settings → Network-testnet
    B. (receiving test currency address https://faucet.aepps.com/

  3. Visit VegasApp after receiving the product and start your first experience
    A. superhero-vegas (PC)

At present, the test network judge 4 people: Baixin X3,VJman
At present, two topics have been opened, which are the 3D prediction of Blessing lottery on April 8th, and whether the timestamp of AE height is greater than 5

Vegas启动第二轮测试, 测试流程
a. https://www.firefox.com.cn/ (火狐浏览器地址)
a. Superhero - Chrome Web Store (谷歌插件地址)
b. Superhero – 下载 🦊 Firefox 扩展(zh-CN) (SuperHero插件地址)

b. https://faucet.aepps.com/ (领取测试币地址)

a. superhero-vegas (PC访问)



My interface seems to be a little different. Will private predictions not be shown to other users?

The last maeket has reached the end time, so you can’t see it, the new market will be launched next week, please wait

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The private forecast will not be open to all users, so the creator needs to share it with his friends manually, because the private theme is for the creator to provide the results. However, I have added more methods of contract, which will issue trust certificates, which are AENS, and need to spend money to buy, so as to increase trust. Each certificate may correspond to a series

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Did you win the lottery? I won both of them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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There are public forecasts and private forecasts,
Public prediction by yanni or platform release, the theme of the people all over the world can participate in all can see, by the judge (community selected N individual human flesh predicted machine) provides a result, this pattern is relatively safe, because be the judge community is selected, and to pledge a certain amount of AE can be the judge, the judge will divide the total forecast 5% of share out bonus, so as not to be evil Becoming a judge can have lasting benefits.

Private forecasts are created by the creator and shared with his community. The creator provides the results, and the creator will enjoy 5% of the total forecast. Since this prediction is provided by the creator, this situation requires a great deal of trust from the punter in the creator. Therefore, private prediction is more like playing between friends. For example, Zhang SAN has his own wechat group, which is full of gamblers who like to play Fucai 3D. Every day, Zhang SAN will publish the prediction (100AE bet once) and share it to the group It’s also ongoing, so it’s important to build your community or fans early on.

That was my initial vision, and it was developed in the first version. I share the BoxWallet wallet, a group of friends advice, increase the trust certificate platform way, each certificate on behalf of the trust mechanism, and the certificate said the trust of the community to publishers, if you have the certificate issuing private forecast, so the chances of that consensus will be decided that you do evil, because the certificate is the auction, we think the problem is very clever, certificate What is a book? The certificate is finally determined to be AENS, because AENS has operations such as transfer auction (another project), which facilitates the purchase and transfer of certificates in the secondary market. This will be reflected and expanded in the later plan

Summarized as:
Public prediction platform launch, all, can see, can participate in the world class bet = platform security
Private forecasts are published by the creator, visible to those who share them, and can be participated by anyone. Local bets = individuals may have trust issues
Private forecast + certificate, issued by the creator, visible to those who share it + platform promotion display, anyone can participate = the company has a small probability of trust problems

So you say points module integration platform default, actually is also can be divided into public prediction and hold a certificate of private forecasts, each certificate can also represent an industry, such as football certificate, NBA, lottery, and so on, of course, the first version first look at the situation, so early to put forward the topic should be not much, behind in big users also can be extended

Do not know whether I answered clearly, solved your question

预测分为 公开预测和私有预测,



公开预测平台发布,所有人,可看见,可参与的世界级赌局 = 平台 安全
私有预测由创建者发布,分享出去的人可见,任何人可参与,局部的赌局 = 个人 可能存在信任问题
私有预测+证书,由创建者发布,分享出去的人可见 + 平台推广展示 , 任何人可参与 = 公司 较小几率存在信任问题

所以你说的分模块集成平台预设,其实也就是可以分为 公开预测 和 持有证书的私有预测,每个证书也可以代表一个行业,比如足球证书,NBA,彩票等等,当然第一版本先这样看看情况,前期能提出的话题应该并不多,后面用户量大了也可以扩展


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2022-Q1 Work Summary

  1. Complete the final contract test version
  2. Deploy to the TestNet network
  3. Organize some users to conduct experience testing and modify bugs
  4. Contract extension adds trust certificate (AENS)

Front-end code base: GitHub - Superhero-com/superhero-vegas-app: A decentralized Market forecast aepp, smart contract + oracle. new era products
Contract code base: GitHub - Superhero-com/superhero-vegas-contract

Up to now, it is recommended to continue to run on the test network for a period of time, and continue to report problems. It is best to hope that the team Sophia staff will conduct security audits for contract security issues.
Because the entire code has no server-side code at all, and all the logic out of the front-end is executed in the contract, it is a completely decentralized DAPP, as long as AE exists, it exists

For now, I will make a summary of the gameplay of AEVegas
AEVegas has a total of 4 user types, namely
dominate, the judge, the certificate holder, and the ordinary user.

dominate (admin)

  • Public topics can be published, everyone can see and participate. The final correct answer is provided by multiple judges
  • Judges can be added and deleted
  • Can add and delete specified certificates (AENS)
  • Can be transferred to others to become masters


  • Provide results on the topics published by the master, and receive benefits

Certificate holder (holds designated AENS)

  • There is no limit to the number of participants in the published topic
  • Published topics are partially visible to people

general user

  • The published topics are visible to some people, and the number of bets will be limited

Topic types are divided into public topics and private topics,
public topic:

  • Dominate the release of public topics, and people all over the world participate.
  • The judge provides the result and confirms the final answer

Private Subject-A (no certificate):

  • Anyone can post, some people participate, and the number of bets is limited
    Private Subject-B (with certificate):
  • Anyone can post, some people participate, and the number of bets is not limited

The certificate will not be experienced in the first version, the certificate will be obtained through auction, and the auction will be conducted through the AENS Market I am developing. Several certified unique AENS will be designated


cool!want to play!