AE's "satoshis" - What to call them?-----ætto

I have heard ae pronounced as eternity


good good good goood

How about Ternie or Ternies or Terni?

Or Tern/Terns?

nitys … give me 500 nitys

Correct, is there a different way to pronounce it?

I also like ætoms!

aero should be called

Hey guys! Just to inform you all - the team is now primarily using “ætto” as the smallest AE unit. ættos is plural :slight_smile:


Is the smallest unit actually an Atto? As in:

0.000000000000000001 ?

Because that would be awesome.

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I like the name of “atom”, haha

This is not bad.
Atom imply it is a smallest unit. But “ætom” may be better.

Yes :slight_smile: That’s it. That’s the ætto.

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What about “quAEntum”, since a quantum represents a measure or bit of information or bit of time or bit of energy or… a bit of everything or of aeternity :wink:

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Haha, makes sense, but the team decided on the “ætto” :slight_smile:

“quAEntum” could also have been shortened -> “quaent(s)”
pitty, that I missed that thread
butt aetto is also nice :grin:

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1 aetto = 0.000000000000000001
1 faemto = 0.000000000000001
1 paeco = 0.000000000001
1 naeno = 0.000000001
1 maecro = 0.000001
1 millae = 0.001


1 caenti = 0.01
1 daeci = 0.1

1 centae = 0.01
1 decae = 0.1

Im just gonna throw one out , “yaes” or minaeons

I was heavily struggeling with this the last days.

do we now have official notations for the AE units? this should be provided in the docs and on an official blog entry :smiley:

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