AE's "satoshis" - What to call them?


Hello everyone!

Bitcoin has “satoshis”, the smallest fraction of a bitcoin that can be sent. What should we call the smallest fraction of an AE?

Let’s brainstorm! Share your suggestions below :slight_smile:


tyni? i think is easy to say and memorize. and the letters are in the name “AEternity”


How about “tweeks”, coming from the community’s favorite “two weeks” :smiley: “Yanis” follows the “founder principle”.

I personally like “grains”.


sven is good, it’s my nickname.:sunglasses:


How about “yinyang” or “taiji”, they are all the symbol’s name :

T’ai Chi symbol / diagram or Yin-Yang Diagram.


In ancient China, it mean the begin of universe, It contains both yin and yang.
South Korean flag also from it.
This ancient philosophical symbols affects many East Asian countries.


Similar to first response, I would use the last part of ‘AeterNITY’ and called them ‘Nits’… Could you please send me 500Nits?


How about “ætons” or “ætins”. @ae-vlad “Yanis” is good too.


How about “aeternus” ?


How about AEON?

In the same way Eternity -> Aeternity, Eon -> Aeon.


Atoms. A basic unit of eternity.


I’m down with grains. It has that universal food relatability. A single grain of whaet


ætoms…I find it appropriate cause it’s one of the smallest units of matter :grin:


In Chinese community,we affectionately call AEternity “auntie“.


aunt is ok either …


Atoms or aetoms. It’s a smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter and can be the smallest fraction of an AE.


I like Yanies . “Send some Yanies to my wallet” :rofl:


How about “cænt”? Maybe majority get faster used to it :wink:


Ternit. Doesn’t mean anything. yet))) Aeternity token and some ternits for parts of it.


it sounds like something to me “Satae”


I’m down with Yanies too. (pronounced yawnnies). Obviously this project is bigger than one person - unlike how Bitcoin came to be - but it just has a nice ring to it.