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I would like to raise a couple of questions that I am sure a lot of folks in this forum would also like answers to. Hopefully some of the members of the AEternity leadership (@YaniUnchained, @nikitafuchs.chain) can be asked to answer them - in good faith and in order to foster communicative understanding. Thank you so much in advance!


  1. When is the Airdrop of the AE tokens that was marked to occur in 2019? 2020? going to happen? With that feature having been a critical part on the ‘roadmap’ - why is it no longer talked about?

  2. When is that roadmap, which outlined the future of this project for the entire community full of people who have all committed something to (of course some more than others) going to be revealed?

  3. When can we expect to hear regular detailed updates as to the detailed and meaningful changes happening and developments being undertaken internal to the project? For having ‘open’ and ‘communicative’ and ‘tech-focused’ as AEternity branded itself to be during the protocol development - the current updates on Twitter being focused on generalities and not-too-relevant happenings (Musk scam? Ice vault?) and general features (Superhero! AEmbassadors! Jobs!) are pretty discouraging.

  4. No responses have been received to the (mine, fine :slight_smile: ) suggestion that the AE core team develop a critical aepp or two. Is it maybe possible to discuss the pros/cons of this? Or maybe hear back why it’s a stupid suggestion that should be ignored? Again, trying to ask for some communication with the community here.

  5. Why is the Hyperchains development being prioritized over providing the community with workable tools to build on today’s AEternity with (reference to @dimitar.chain response in We should have an Updated road map for 2020 and coming few years - #26 by oliverthom707 of “…still missing a SC client to make it easier for end users to use SCs… you have to build your trustless client yourself.”).

  6. How many months/years is the Hyperchains development projected to take? Is everything else on pause because of it? Are there going to be regular updates and publicly visible goals there?

  7. Curious, why has @Josh.chain been so quiet lately? Is it perhaps because there are no new public developments to talk about?

  8. Are you guys familiar with the video-tape format called the BetaMax? It was better than the VHS in some characteristics AND it premiered first… The Tale of the Tapes: How VHS Ultimately Beat Out Betamax – Legacybox

Apologies for sharp tone of some of these - it is because of the fact that no DETAILED communication has been forthcoming from the team - and it is difficult to ask ‘simple’ questions ‘politely expanding’ on information - when there’s no basic information from which to create those. We don’t know what’s going on. We’re lost and it’s dark and getting colder. That’s why we’re (fine, I’m :slight_smile: ) yelling.

Thank you for your time and for the hopeful answers.



I see my name being brought up so I share my 5 cents regarding the SC client: I’ve brought up this on every occasion possible for the past 3 years. Since no progress had been made in that direction, I sort of blame myself for being unable to communicate my ideas. At some point I realized that if I don’t do it myself, no one will. I even took the time and prepared a proposal to the Foundation:

The idea was to test the waters if the Foundation is interested in supporting this. If they were - I’d gather a team and make some proper estimations. The good news is that they are interested in this. The bad news is because of some personal reasons - my context had changed so I will not be able to work on this project, hence - I withdrew it. The proposal is still there and hopefully someone will eventually pick it up. I could consult them if needed.

The bottom line is that this is independent from the Hyperchains project.


Thank you so much for the response, @dimitar.chain! That is clear, reasonable and fair.

This is exactly the kind of discussion and understanding that I was trying to get started, and exactly the type of communication that would be really great to see from the leaders of the rest of the project/the Foundation.

Also, to the community that is reading this - I am sure you have more questions? This would be a perfect place to add them to and voice them!

Thanks again, Dimitar.



It would be wonderful if the only people able to answer the questions - the ones that are being asked by some (the loud types like this one here :wink: ) and wondered about by everyone (I’m guessing that’s the case - since nobody knows anything?) in the community, would take a moment and - try to answer them?

What is the logic behind a ‘public relations’ approach that purports openness and community involvement and communication - that when the questions get difficult, or questions get not fun, or ??? - they just answer them with silence?

How can you claim to be an ‘open and distributed’ when the simple direct questions of ‘Hey, how is it going behind the curtain?’ and ‘Hey, that one thing you said you were going to do - when are you going to do it?’ and ‘Why did you start acting like you never said the thing you said?’ and ‘What’s the next great thing that’s coming?’

I mean, this is simple openness, customer-care and COMMUNITY BUILDING - that puts everyone on the same level, makes everyone be ‘not ignorable’ and allows for communication to start.

@YaniUnchained , man. This is your party. Do you think you could take 5 minutes and weigh in a bit?

Thanks and sorry for the noise and distraction, but I really hope you can understand this point of view.

All the best,


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If Ae is out? It seems that few people know Ae

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Thank you so much for the response in the other thread, @philipp.chain.

I certainly do not want to dilute/steal the conversation in other threads - and only commented there because the topic came up - which reminded me of my questions asked here above. These questions are obviously on my (and others’ minds) and I think are valid and reasonable - yet they have gone ignored here for about a week now.

I don’t want to be presumptuous or ask for too much attention, but I would hope that a set of reasonably written and detailed questions - about what looks to me like a major glaring issue with the development process of a huge and very important project - questions from an obvious fan - would be worth everyone’s interest to be addressed and discussed.

I know that I would be extremely thankful to you if you could respond in a bit more length to the questions posed in the message, which I will re-quote right below. Or perhaps I can again request that some other folks in the AEternity core that might be able to weigh in - would do so? Perhaps @bruteforce.chain might have some thoughts?

Thank you guys so much!


from: Example Oracle Pricefeed - #6 by Josh.chain

How is it that the AE leadership is not seeing that time is short - that time is running out - and that bringing new energy and new forces to the ecosystem should be their TOP PRIORITY?

First step: Having a number of functional, fully-fledged, useful, stand-alone, complete, example programs - that random people can download onto their phones from the App store or Google - and right away experience the speed and power and beauty of the AE ecosystem - and tell their friends about it.

----If you wait for those to appear ‘naturally’ - like in a movie - built by some unknown upstart programmer from Africa or China with beautiful music playing in the background - you will waste critical years - and all the advantage AE has today will disappear.----

In successful product development - developing ALL the features FROM the start is wrong. It’s like THE FIRST RULE in the bible of product development - premiere the product, get it to be useful, get it to be USED - and ONLY THEN innovate and improve the extra features.

What are you guys doing right now improving all the bells and whistles when the basic AE system is not fully usable, not easily grabbable (as evidenced by no new AEpps appearing in MONTHS) by a random programmer?

What are you guys doing at this point in the game? Making advances on a high-speed train that keeps travelling empty? FOR MORE THAN A YEAR NOW!??!?!

Steve Jobs said: “Real Artists Ship!”
Only real artists ship – Ghost in the Pixel

:slight_smile: :heart:

With the biggest appreciation for all your work, your local ‘please do the right thing’ loud guy.


And you were right to be concerned about getting no replies, and hence now you are getting no replies after 5 days. Sad

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Yeah, it’s a pretty discouraging behavior by an ostensibly ‘public’ and ‘community-based’ organization. Also a bit disrespectful, since most everyone who is on this forum at this point - has likely committed a lot of time and money to the AEternity project - and deserves to hear at least some response to the questions.