[Completed] JavaScript SDK development Q3-2023

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Status: Completed on the 1.10.2023, submitted on the 8.07.2023
Last updated: 6.12.2023
Submitted by Denis Davidyuk [email protected]
Team: Denis Davidyuk
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: 30.09.2023
Previous Application: [Completed] JavaScript SDK development Q2-2023

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Open Source Development

Application Title

JavaScript SDK and related projects development Q3-2023


Denis Davidyuk – GitHub

Value Application

JS SDK is actively used by onboard and community developers. Some use cases raise features that need to be implemented on the SDK side, the same as bugs that need to be fixed. Dependent projects may contribute to SDK and these contributions need to be reviewed. This proposal is intended to solve these requests firstly, to keep the development of dependent projects efficient.

Additionally, there is a set of things that are known to be good to have, the most important of them are:

Definition of Terms

JS SDK aka @aeternity/aepp-sdk is an NPM package that implements basic functionality for web-based aepp to communicate with aeternity blockchain and to access user accounts provided by the wallet.

Status Quo

I released [email protected], including bug fixes and non-breaking features from the previous grant. I’m planning to switch to features and fixes that require breaking changes.

Required Work

Once I have enough features or bugs fixed, I will make an official release.


I would be working 5 days a week on this (based on my availability for the last 3 months).

Known Limitations

Although I aim at delivering all proposed features as outlined, there may be some higher priority tasks coming up that need to be worked on, thus not every proposed item is expected to be delivered.


SDK should satisfy the demands of projects depending on it. In the same, it should be easy to use, well-documented, well-typed, and built according to the modern standards of the JavaScript ecosystem.


The work outcome will be published at GitHub - aeternity/aepp-sdk-js: JavaScript SDK for the æternity blockchain and related repositories under ISC license.


Maintenance is part of the proposal and included in the proposed timeframe.


Week 27 (Jul 1 - Jul 9)

Time spent: 25.51

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Week 28 (Jul 10 - Jul 16)

Time spent: 12.60


Week 29 (Jul 17 - Jul 23)

Time spent: 26.29


Week 30 (Jul 24 - Jul 30)

Time spent: 23.07


Week 31 (Jul 31 - Aug 6)

Time spent: 20.59


Week 32 (Aug 7 - Aug 13)

Time spent: 22.02

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Week 33 (Aug 14 - Aug 20)

Time spent: 39.10

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Week 34 (Aug 21 - Aug 27)

Time spent: 41.72

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Week 35 (Aug 28 - Sep 3)

Time spent: 11.23

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Week 36 (Sep 4 - Sep 10)

Time spent: 8.89

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Week 37 (Sep 11 - Sep 17)

Time spent: 38.31

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Week 38 (Sep 18 - Sep 24)

Time spent: 23.68

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Week 39 (Sep 25 - Sep 30)

  • supported other teams

Time spent: 6.40

Final report

Overall spent 299.41 hours out of 520 hours available. Here is a list of issues closed in this grant, the same for merged pull requests. The most noticeable change is:

Two significant releases were made while working on this grant:

I started to work on these features, but was not able to deliver them in this grant because of third parties:

There is significant progress regarding some of the objectives defined at the beginning, but the others were postponed due to reported issues and to avoid making breaking changes.

Aepp-wallet connection improvements

I proposed a new interface on aepp side, but it is not reviewed yet.

Because of resolving issues reported by other teams (fixes of most of them released in 13.2.2), I wasn’t able to focus on new features.
In the next grant, I’m planning to switch to tasks from the above, including ones that require breaking changes.

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