Cuckoo Cycle GPU memory requirements


I should revise that statement in light of

If you apply the same memory reduction technique, implemented for cuckatoo in

to cuckoo/ then memory use should drop to 2.75 GB.

I will implement that sometime this week.


The latest commit implements the memory reductions for cuckoo/
Note that the new miner no longer supports option -E 1
The previous version supporting -E 1 remains available as Makefile target cuda_1. Memory requirements are now as follows:

cuda29 -E 0 5.6 GB
cuda29_1 -E 1 4.9 GB
cuda29 -E 2 2.8 GB


[2019.2.13]Hspminer: fastest aeterntiy miner 2.1.2 for Linux and Windows

Wow - I should pull my 3gb cards off eBay :slight_smile:

Is there any writeup on how.this memspace reduction was possible (a paper or somesuch) ?


Is it possible to run it on windows ?
It seems it could be the only miner which can utilize 3gb cards effectively on new coins.


Hey @2c1vl2

Check this spread sheet to see how you can mine on Windows.