[Discussion] - Improvement of the auction system for Ceres hardfork

Is the gate exchange being traded now a decentralized exchange?

Looking forward to it.

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This is really exciting news :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Hi, my opinion is as follows:

  1. Hard forks should be cautious, changes should be carefully and comprehensively weighed. Have you ever considered that when the auction time is very short && the fee is very low && the renewal fee is also very low, a large number of names will be squatted, which will only have a negative effect. Current auction method avoid this problem by the auction waiting time. The wait when registering a name is also painful for me, but I think it should not be simply cancelled.
    Registering or refreshing AENS should always costs something, either time or coins
  2. For ENS, the problem of zero-width characters is difficult to solve, which also leaves a security risk behind. But for AENS, the problem can be solved. Have you considered solving this problem in this hard fork?

BR :grinning:


Here we are talking about shortening the auction time, which I think is necessary. But I don’t agree to lower the auction fee to prevent AENS from being squatted in large numbers.

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it wouldn’t be cancelled completely. we just lower the time to react for people also interested in the same name.

I get your point with squatting. but current mechanism is inacceptable at least for me.

we will set up a vote with the governance æpp for this :slight_smile:

I really like that we see so much activity around that topic. has been quite silent recently :smiley:


I also think hard bifurcation should be cautious. If hard bifurcation is required, I think we should try to think about the ecological future as well as possible, instead of bifurcating again after problems occur. I don’t mean to reduce the auction price. I think the auction price model similar to ens is reasonable. The fixed price model does not reduce the price. Or I think we can discuss a more reasonable model, Instead of solving the problem by bifurcating again and again in the future,

There is no need to resist hard forks. The next hard fork will inevitably bring many updates, the most important of which is the arrival of the Hyperchain. And the adjustment of the AENS auction time is just an incidental content, of course, if the community votes to approve the proposal.

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There is no resistance to hard forking. i want to think about and plan for possible problems in the future as much as possible before the hard forking comes, and solve them at the same time

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I don’t think there is a great need to adjust pricing at this stage - the main gripe seems to be the lengthy auctions. I think the auction times could be greatly simplified (and shortened) and I would suggest something like: 24h auctions for names 9-12 characters, 48h for 5-8 character names and 72h for the shortest (2-4 character) names. Also, whenever there is a new, higher, bid the auction is extended with a fixed time maybe 2h, this should give everyone involved a reasonable time to react, and still make auctions faster and more agile.

Note: all actual times should be translated into blocks/generations and would not be exact wallclock time.


I prefer having 24 hours for all, but your suggestion would also be fine for me. curious about the results of the upcoming vote :slight_smile:

I discussed that shortly with @bogdan when writing the forum entry here. typically as participant you don’t want an auction to run much longer than the expected endtime. IMO we should extend the auction time not higher than 3 keyblocks (even 2 would be fine for me). participants otherwise get distracted and potentially miss the actual end of the auction because it gets extended again and again like for 8-10 hours (at some point you also wanna go to sleep, right? :smiley: )

I just wanted to provide a reasoning behind the 3 keyblocks proposal :wink:

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I have been looking forward to the emergence of the Aens exchange. . .


If shorter auctions is a preference, we also have the option to bump the bid-progression. Currently a new bid has to be 5% higher - one could imagine 10%, or 15%, or even 20%…


When will the AENS trading market be launched?

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I don’t see any problem with the timeframes nor with the pricing. If people want to get a short name quick they can put a very high initial bid so that nobody wants to start a bidding war with them because it feels already overpriced. If people want to get started quick they can select a bit longer name like alexanderthegreat and get it instantly. Short names should be difficult to get by design to prevent squatting. I also don’t see a problem with the price being driven up to the max amount people are willing to pay for a name since the fee gets burned and this way the total AE supply gets reduced effectively acting as a donation to the aeternity community.

As an alternative we could create another namespace like “.space” to have very cheap short instant domain names. Could also be solved with an establishment of a new naming prefix and as well introduction of syntax for this, like “shortnames—alex.chain” or “a___l___e___x.chain” could be translated to alex.space so that even no hard fork is required for this, just some UX work. More “.TLDs” could be introduced this way. And it is backwards compatible.

A marketplace for the dot chain names would great as well! There people could buy instantly short dot chain names. But introduction of a new name space and addition to the existing UX should be the quickest way to solve the problem perceived by some of the users. Which .namespace do you suggest?


sir!Your alternative may make. chain lose its uniqueness. Aeternity only needs. chain

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@Bigtree.chain I really want to comment on this but why didn’t you open a new thread for this?

please open a new thread. we now have this problem reported in two different and completely unrelated discussions.

I won’t comment here and I would even favor deleting it in the current places :sweat_smile:


Maybe the auction time of short names is indeed a little long, which avoids being hoarded, but also discourages some people from enthusiasm.

Maybe this design is too idealistic, resulting in that AENS Can’t catch on quickly.

Whether changed or not, it should be a result of careful consideration. :grinning:

this is true, but then I really have to set a high price. and even then I could not be 100% sure and would have to wait until the time is running out again.

let’s look at those two names:

I think it was you bidding on these names and both auctions were close before running out. one or two days ago I decided to also place a bid on it. now I need to wait another 30 days until I might be finally the owner of this name. we could play this game endless until we die :sweat_smile:

@yani.chain what do you think about a governance vote on this topic? it’s been standing in the room for quite some time now.

definitely doable and a good idea, personally I am not a big fan of this approach :thinking:

YES, please!!! =)

if somebody wants to dig into this please check out the delegation signature example for AENS here:


in addition to that I recently had a cool idea how we could introduce subdomains on contract level. not written down yet. but if I find some time I will share my thoughts here in the forum :slight_smile: