Expected 1080 Ti performance


Should not be too hard to run multiple instances. I guess you need a separate directory for each. Then make sure none of the ports overlap (i.e. defaults can’t be used) so you need to set

  port: xxxx
  port: yyyy
    port: zzzz
  port: aaaa

And then you need to change [email protected] in releases/1.0.1/vm.args into say [email protected]. Beware that is from memory and not something I’ve tried. Not sure it will be any more efficient though but maybe worth trying.


Hahaha I was just saying on the windows one this does not work. Having different ports, different folders and different erlang contexts is not enough in windows.

However in linux I have done this with docker and it works quite nicely.


Did you do a tut on that ? Or just even a bash history ?


For which one? the linux or the windows one?