Expected 1080 Ti performance


Should not be too hard to run multiple instances. I guess you need a separate directory for each. Then make sure none of the ports overlap (i.e. defaults can’t be used) so you need to set

  port: xxxx
  port: yyyy
    port: zzzz
  port: aaaa

And then you need to change [email protected] in releases/1.0.1/vm.args into say [email protected]. Beware that is from memory and not something I’ve tried. Not sure it will be any more efficient though but maybe worth trying.


Hahaha I was just saying on the windows one this does not work. Having different ports, different folders and different erlang contexts is not enough in windows.

However in linux I have done this with docker and it works quite nicely.


Did you do a tut on that ? Or just even a bash history ?


For which one? the linux or the windows one?


guys, tell me please how many AE can you mine per 24 h with 1080 Ti or 1060 at current difficulty?


The current target (Height = 6620) is 506663214 this corresponds to a difficulty of ~328000 - so in order to solve one block you need to solve 50 * 328000 = 16400000 cuckoo problems (1 in 50 attempts gives you a solution and 1 in 328000 solutions meets the target).

If a 1080Ti is able to do 3 problems/s, I think, so on average you will mine 0.02 blocks in 24h.


have updated cuda binaries:

cuda29_GTX_1030	special builds	2 minutes ago
cuda29_GTX_1050	special builds	2 minutes ago
cuda29_GTX_1060	special builds	2 minutes ago
cuda29_GTX_1070	special builds	2 minutes ago
cuda29_GTX_1080	special builds	2 minutes ago
cuda29_GTX_2080	special builds	2 minutes ago
cuda29_GTX_970	special builds	2 minutes ago
cuda29_GTX_980	special builds	2 minutes ago
cuda29_GTX_titan	special builds	2 minutes ago
   cuda29-generic          for all others at moment

source code included

example: 10xx includes always 10xx I

let me know how the drivers perform: here: https://github.com/Zwilla/BitCaine5_aeternity_miner/issues/new

12/12/2018 binaries updated!!!

how to test the performance?
this are a test result!!!
0 total solutions with 5000 nonces

real 0m12.810s
user 0m9.163s
sys 0m3.567s


Why there 0 solution with 5000 nonces?


dry run, normal run will find 100 or more solutions and takes as long


Hi,Zwilla.I replaced it with your cuda29, but found that only one GPU worked, the other five GPUs occupied 0. With hans CUDA29, there are 6 GPUs working. The configuration file is the same. Where is the problem?


which version?
./cuda29_GTX_1070 -s

but, epoch starts the mining app!!!
So if epoch starts -d 0 and -d 1 to -d 5 then it starts as executed.

If only one card is working then there is anywhere other a problem!


Because if epoch is able to start once the mining engine, then epoch is able to repeat it million times.

Use this:
to check if cuda it self find your card

or this after epoch start
/usr/bin/nvidia-smi pmon
ctrl c c will exit the Nvidia monitor


I have run it 3 hours,but there still 0 solution in epoch_pow…log


which card do you have exactly and which cuda-xxx are you using?

  • simple test

  • stop epoch

  • $./cuda29_GTX_1080 -g
    If you don’t see similar lines, then you have the wrong version or maybe need an update.

    GeForce GTX 1070 Ti with 8119MB @ 256 bits x 4004MHz
    Looking for 42-cycle on cuckoo30("",0) with 50% edges, 64*64 buckets, 176 trims, and 64 thread blocks.
    Using 6976MB of global memory.
    nonce 0 k0 k1 k2 k3 a34c6a2bdaa03a14 d736650ae53eee9e 9a22f05e3bffed5e b8d55478fa3a606d
    2-cycle found
    30-cycle found
    754-cycle found
    findcycles edges 63447 time 24 ms total 367 ms
    0 total solutions with 1 nonces

DOCS UPDATED: https://github.com/Zwilla/BitCaine5_aeternity_miner/blob/master/binaries/README.md


It’s ok now,but slowly than 8 hours ago’s cuda