Failed to meet target (******)

There is no new block mined since this morning, 8x1080ti.

And I found that there are many "Failed to meet target (******) " in my epoch_mining.log; such as :

2018-11-29 16:11:54.643 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:generate:78 Generating solution for data hash <<57,205,14,227,182,46,243,231,157,114,221,14,210,171,116,27,121,214,241,245,$
2018-11-29 16:11:54.644 [info] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:generate_int:183 Executing cmd: "./cuda29 -h 4F63304F34375975382B65646374304F3071743047336E5738665849353636734B4A58783939564$
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with 10GB @ 352 bits x 5505MHz
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 Looking for 42-cycle on cuckoo30(“Oc0O47Yu8+edct0O0qt0G3nW8fXI566sKJXx99VF3Uo=SbfbknwQNiM=”,0) $
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 Using 3488MB of global memory.
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 nonce 0 k0 k1 k2 k3 2149a1a9981fd448 f8ad23f93ca27891 1bc681af564414b1 e19e5cc1404b012c
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 Seeding completed in 72 + 126 ms
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 44-cycle found
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 42-cycle found
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 findcycles edges 64320 time 87 ms total 896 ms
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:444 Failed to meet target (521065295)
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 Verified with cyclehash 3722cd1590baf330fc201f6743eb0d6bff155da979b232f2f0cc165c62584303
2018-11-29 16:11:56.308 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:parse_generation_result:448 1 total solutions
2018-11-29 16:11:56.320 [debug] <0.29782.10>@aec_pow_cuckoo:generate_int:155 No cuckoo solution found

Is it mean that the solution can meet the target difficulty?

The Cuckoo PoW is divided in two steps. The first step is trying to find a cycle (of length 42) in a graph, and the second step is checking if that cycle meets the target. So when you see in the log Failed to meet target it means you found a cycle, but that it did not meet the target.

There is a 1 in 50 chance to find a cycle, and at the current target there is a 1 in 4000 chance that the cycle meets the target. So, yes you are expected to see lots of those!

I see~Thanks a lot!

The pow power is huge now~

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last night I found 330 solutions and also 330 times “failed to meet target”

What is wrong?

How many solutions do you have on for example on: epoch_pow_cuckoo.log.0?

Why epoch_pow_cuckoo.log.0? Because it is a full set of logs.

Last night when I checked difficulty was around 12000 so 1 solution out of 12000 is good…

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