Grants and governance - how it should work

Recently I had a chat with @emin.chain about the progress with grant application and preferences for grants.
Personally I wanted to see how we can grow the token ecosystem on aeternity, and why there is close to none incentive to support new extensions / AEXs.

I turns out that Aeternity is going more into an open governance.

This is the discussion I would like to initiate here:

  1. Is the community active / representative enough to have open governance?
  2. IMHO strong leadership is an essence of any emerging project. Blockchain community is not centered around aeternity, so either it will not attract people to spend enough time on it or it won’t be efficient (countless discussion vs good leadership and execution).
  3. How the grant accepting process looks like now?
  4. If we really want to go towards the open governance, is there any constitution? Do the people need to buy a stake to vote? Is it an open governance?
  5. Who are the stakeholders? How the stake is distributed (business, regions, IT vs miners vs business creators)?

Major threats are following:

  1. Small turn over in the voting / governance.
  2. Innovators / leaders will not have time time to play the governance game.
  3. Risk of wrong incentives - what if it all turn out into a mining business?
  4. Wasting lot of precious time of a community to discuss all topics.
  5. Dead locks.

This are just basic question, which will have to be clarified to make any step towards open governance.

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Fortunately, you are not Yani. Otherwise, aeternity is over.

Thank you for posting this upon my request. Within this month we will present a better and more transparent way for grant applications and rulings. Most of the activity will happen within this forum. The final decision will be made by the board of the not for profit aeternity crypto foundation that also receives the BRI. We will work closely with all community members that want to get involved. This can be as a grantee or with an opinion whether we should fund a project or not. More details will follow soon, I will also post links here into this topic.



Does ae have a platform for the strength of the united states?

Of course, the network is mature and you can spin up nodes in any part of the world. If you need highly scalable applications you can start building with state channels and/or use the middleware.

I think @beijing asked if Aeternity network is strong enough to resist a US military network attack.

For the moment the hashing power is too low, but what @emin.chain says, there is no limit on the network size, so it can grow and be stronger.