Guest Speaker at EEEE Valencia 2.0 Expo - Valencia, Venezuela - Oct 25 and 26, 2019

EEEE Valencia 2.0 Expo (Encuentro Estadal de empresas y Emprendedores Valencia 2.0) was a great opportunity to engage with people with almost zero knowledge about blockchain potential, and we could talk to them and show them how this tech is already changing the world as we knew it.

This time I could talk to some crowd about Aeternity program, technology and incubation program. many had no idea this is happening right now and many were very excited about it.

There will be more activities like this one, we think it is time to go to non-crypto-users spaces and let them know about all we have.

video one here
Video two here


Excelente trabajo de divulgación acerca del potencial de aeternity y de la plataforma . Incansable la labor de nuestro embajador de Valencia!


Here are two more pictures from this expo in Valencia, Venezuela: