HELP: Migrated Successfully? (but no balance in Airgap)

I looked at other question threads, but none of them matched exactly, and I’m a little bit scared, so if someone could help me out that would be great.

I followed the migration steps, got all the way to success, and even verified that my tokens were migrated via the migration status link (doesn’t post properly here)

However, the tokens are not showing up in AirGap. I think it might be that I have to wait for the hard fork #3? but what has me scared is the repeated warnings NOT to send to the main contract. I don’t think I did / possibly could have because I used the migration tool, and the status says it was migrated, but when I check etherscan:

…Isn’t that the main contract??

Someone please put my mind at ease. I’m sure I’m missing some simple piece of information.


disaster averted. I have to wait for the hard fork:

thx, and sorry for the noob question.

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Hey @istrack,

Unfortunately, it seems like you did just what you should not have done - if you paste your payload data below, you’ll see that the migration was not successful:

We may have a solution for you, assuming that you have access to the ETH private key that sent the tokens, please have a look at option a) here:

You’ll have to wait for the hardfork to be executed though.


Thank you Albena,

I am really, really struggling with this, because I strictly followed the migration steps from - I did exactly what it said, from the scan of my newly-created key all the way through, not deviating at all. Specifically, I clicked on the metamask option, which pulled up a request in metamask.

And the migration was shown as complete ( I saved the PDF), and still shows as complete when I plug in my public key to the verification here:
migration confirmation

Albena, can you please advise – how could that have happened, and why is it showing as confirmed?


Hey @istrack, maybe the payload I was checking was somehow mistaken. Verifying your mainnet address, your migration seems successful indeed.

Please wait until the hardfork is executed in September and let us know then whether your balance is updated.

In all cases, we’ll assist you in accessing your tokens so don’t worry :slight_smile:


Thank you! I appreciate it. I’ll stop panicking now haha!