Hœllo aenalytics.org =)

Hœllo æveryone,

today we want to introduce you aenalytics.org which we have been working on quite some time. Originally our intention was to release it in December 2019 because there wasn’t a good tool available to handle ÆNS interactions which we thought would be necessary for adoption.

The focus of ænalytics still remains strongly on the naming system. But of course we want you to be able to handle and track all kinds of activities on the æternity blockchain. We also wanted to provide a user-focused interface. That’s why you will be able to configure and track different addresses and connect to the base aepp.

  • in the near future we will also introduce support for wællet by implementing AEX-2 in case you prefer using the browser plugin
  • note:
    • for connecting to the base aepp you need to turn off shields if you are using brave and you need to allow popups (a page reload might be necessary)

Of course you will be able to use ænalytics for the testnet, just visit:

In the near future we will release some short videos and/or articles to explain what features ænalytics already provides and what you can expect in the next couple of weeks and months.

In any case we want you to be able to perform different actions using ænalytics. You will be able to claim, update and revoke names. You will also be able to transfer tokens to other accounts/names. This is our main priority. We want you to be able to interact with the æternity blockchain as smooth as possible!

Psst… updating names is already possible with active base aepp connection :wink:

  • at least you should be able to extend the name (we already observed a bug that given pointers aren’t included in the transaction that will of course be fixed soon)

There might still be (other) bugs available and probably you miss some features. Please let us know if you face any problem or if you want a specific feature to be developed/integrated.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions:

You can also directly ask us here in the forum. The person in charge of ænalytics is @icarus :slight_smile:


Nice work. Thank you, guys.


Impressive…thank you thank you thank you


we now also published an article on our website:

in a separate, follow up article @icarus will give some insights regarding the base aepp integration.


we published a new version today with following features:

  • show status information about transaction in tx-detail page (pending, mined, 1 confirmation, x confirmations)
  • possibility to update names without setting a pointer (if someone doesn’t need or want to have a pointer)
  • claim names => yes, now it is also possible to claim names!
    • this requires an active base aepp connection
    • when searching for names you will see if a name is available for claiming


  • we already identified that currently “claim name” is shown without an active connection to the base aepp => this will be fixed as soon as possible
    • if there is no active connection and you click on “claim” there will basically nothing happen :smiley: … just reload the page
  • the middleware currently returns corrupt data (e.g. no active bids although there are active bids) … so please do no wonder!
    • this is really awkward and I hope this is being fixed as soon as possible

@karol.chain have you looked into this?


didn’t know about that article, thanks for sharing :blush:

in case you missed it. we published a few new features:

  • ability to search for contracts by hash
  • contract detail page with list of ContractCallTx
    • depending on the amount of ContractCallTx this won’t be loading due to the fact that the currently middleware doesn’t allow to limit the size to return for the request
  • ability to perform a SpendTx (including Payload) to accounts or names
    • for this feature to be working you need an active connection to the base aepp

currently we are working on making the explorer usable on mobile devices as we see many visitors are using mobile phones. on mobile we also need to test the wallet connection. if it is not possible to seamless integrate that without much effort we will deactivate that feature on mobile devices (temporarily)

of course we can’t wait to see the new middleware be published. can somebody of the team give a brief estimation when we can expect it to be released/deployed?

respective tweets:

you can always follow us on twitter to be up to date about the progress of ænalytics:


we have great news for you. it’s now possible for you to connect your account to aenalytics either using the base aepp or your superhero browser extension!

besides that we (re-)activated our send component which allows you to send AE tokens including a payload to other names or accounts. of course this requires an active connection to your wallet.

with the current update aenalytics can also be viewed in a more convenient way on your mobile device!


now what can you expect in the future? we are waiting for the new middleware to be finished and we will work on a complete new webinterface with additional features, stay tuned!

if you want to see any specific feature please let us know :slight_smile: