Hyperchains Alpha

any update?

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Looking for updates from the team?

Well there is not enough to report at the moment: we are developing the first step - a permissioned chain ruled solely by a smart contract. This will allow us to start developing a test framework for HC consensus, while we could start developing BTC and AE connectors. At this point the pluggable consensus ruled by a smart contract is a bottle neck for scaling the development.

What is more - there is an ongoing process for improving of the idea. At this point whole functionalities had been dropped (in the latest concept there is no proof of laziness as it is not needed anymore). We are also exploring different approaches to dramatically reduce the number of commitment transactions on the parent chain while keeping the child chain safe.

Once there is something worth sharing, we would do so :slight_smile:


Is there anything I can show you in February?

I was confused by the team’s plan; last April report showed the hyperchain finished quickly; last November said the plan to get on alpha in February; now said just started.Is the hyperchain still going on? Does the team have a clear and long-term plan for the hyperchain?

Yes, we will show what we promised:

  • Split the HyperChains development into steps with clearly defined deliverables so we can test our assumptions and build incrementally on top of that. The first step would be a permissioned HyperChain - stakers are set in the protocol contract. This will disable most of the attack vectors but will also provide us with an initial implementation of HCs. We call that HyperChains Alpha .

We are on track delivering the smart contract controlled consensus that would allow us more people to be working on BTC and AE connectors as well as the required test framework.


Dear AE community, as you know, HyperChains Alpha is one of the essential items on the Core Team roadmap.

In February, we plan to deliver the first iteration of Delegated Proof of Stake consensus and staking smart contract. Alongside we’re working on a new dedicated testnet and explorer.

To keep all of you informed, we’ll be posting weekly updates on our progress.


Update project progress weekly. That’s good news!:clap::clap::clap:


Today is the next day in the Chinese New Year, it is so good to hear this news. I wish the AE HyperChain has a huge development in the new year.


This week the Core team is working on Delegated Proof of Stake consensus. Together with Staking Smart Contract, it lies at the heart of future HC-Alpha implementation.

Alongside we’re preparing new testnet nodes and UI to showcase new functionalities.

However, in this phase, we’re not covering parent chain anchoring.

DPoS Consensus

We’ll no longer use the term “miner” with a new consensus. Instead, we’re introducing Validators and Delegators.
A Validator is a node responsible for processing transactions.
A Delegator is a user who locks tokens. The number of locked tokens represents voting power. Each Delegator can support multiple Validators by delegating his voting power.
A Leader is a Validator who’s currently producing micro blocks. The more staking power one has, the higher the probability of becoming a leader.

Staking Smart Contract (SSC)

The core functionality of Staking Smart Contract is leader election. It defines rules on electing a new leader from the set of eligible Validators,
as well as determining rewards distribution.

Users can stake via SSC. Provided functionalities contain:

  • allowing a user to become a Validator
  • allowing a Delegator to stake chosen Validator
  • allowing a Delegator to withdraw the stake
  • providing staking balance

well done!thank you for the detail report!
Who pays for the parent chain target fee?
And when will the new white paper on the hyperchain be released?


Anchoring to the parent chain is out of our current scope, but we plan for the Validator to cover the fees.

We’re constantly working on detailed documentation. However, we took an iterative approach, and we’ll be sharing documents as a follow-up to code delivery.


This week the core team is continuing the initial effort of DPoS consensus:

  • Currently, we have two different contracts implementations: one with a leader election and another with delegated staking. Once we have a working prototype - we can merge them. The DPoS contract is ready during the leader election. The latest change is the functionality for enabling and disabling a Validator.
  • Leader election and reward distribution are ready: the appropriate leader produces key blocks and signs micro blocks. Later on, the rewards of the fees are being distributed using the consensus smart contract.
  • A node is being able to sync using the new consensus. However, limited checks are still being performed.

We’re preparing for internal testing of the initial implementation.


When will it be released?

@forjuwon we’re planning to release a new testnet by the end of February.


When can I pos my AE in return?

As soon as the testnet is up and running we’ll let you know how to play with it


This week our update is pretty short.

The team focuses on internal testing, paying close attention to leader election.
At the same time, we are refactoring and polishing the codebase in preparation for public release.


When will it be commercialized?

Anything update?