Improved mining speed - Multi GPU


Thanx for this. Before I was sending around 2 possible solutions per minute per 1080ti. Now I’m sending 10. This version is like 5 times faster.

Next optimisation should be around the CPU usage. Most of the time is spent by the CPU adapting the results from the GPUs. My CPU saturates very fast and my optimum is using 2 GPUs per rig. Using more GPUs from the same rig doesn’t improve the efficiency.


Hi hanssv, can the miner tools connect to a pool?


Asus DUAL 1070 OC 8 Гб GDDR5 350H/s


Next optimisation should be around the CPU usage.

The latest commits to my repo support a flag -c to reduce cpuload, at a very slight cost in performance.


Just a suggestion, would you mind adding a version to be shown on “-s”?

Because bee mine pool is using your source code and it would be nice to know what they based their work on.


Can SWAN_SYNC be used to dedicate a specific CPU thread to a specific GPU???
Works good for distributed computing.
I’m watching a 4x1080 Ti rig with a 28 thread Xeon. When Ae-MultiGPU miner is running it hops all around from one CPU thread to another. If I stop AE miner then my CPU DC WUs stay on the same CPU thread. If I run GPUgrid WUs with SWAN_SYNC they all stay put.
The wizards in the GPUgrid forum figured it costs ~10% in performance to hop around.


Is there a way to specify the memory size for each GPU individually???
E.g., I have a rig that has a 1080 Ti, 1080, 1070 Ti & a 1070. If I set it with extra_args: “-E 2” then it will slow all the other cards down or crash them.


Unfortunately not at the moment. The extra_args apply to all instances.


Updated - Monday, Dec 10th, 9:30 CET


That’s a little too hard for me to maintain. Could you instead convince bee mine pool to show from which of my commits they built?


If I spoke Chinese I Definitively would convince them. Hehe he. thanks!


there is a solution.

Question: Why do you use -E 2?

@tromp if you take a look to my code you will see some improvements:

I have different card on the same machine and had many error, like out of memory and so on, so I startet to
share my solution:

and thanks: ak_XoongvC5xDqBCwdLr3ok1SzK3xEMFVwQ1sA7vj1guBd99HFjQ