Introducing Sophia Syntax extension for VIM text editor

Hello everyone!

I am a web developer that joined the æcosystem through the @aeternityekiti DevStudyJæm series. I love using the VIM text editor as my primary coding tool, unluckily Sophia is not recognised by VIM and its syntax is been rendered as plain text.

This issue of not differentiating keywords from one another got me inspired to develop a Vim syntax highlight extension for the .aes file(Sophia).

This has been tested and is live on GitHub with instructions on how to install it at

Features of the extension include:

  1. Color highlighting for keywords, strings and number
  2. Color highlights are dynamic and reflects the chosen color scheme

More to come features include:

  1. Color highlight for function names
  2. Color highlight for function parameters and arguments

I would appreciate any suggestion or feedback on how to make this better for the æcosystem developers that use Vim.



thank you @yinkaenoch, great contribution!

hopefully we will see an up-to-date LSP (Language Server Protocol) implementation for Sophia in the foreseeable future. @ybin64 already did great work in that direction and is hopefully able to continue his work at some point in the future.

you can check out his initial work here: Aesophia-vscode, a Sophia VSCode extension with basic LSP implementation

you would be able to extend your existing Vim extension and use the LSP server implementation to enable other features like auto-complete or go-to.

but this is definitely a great start! I am not an active Vim user, so can’t give concrete feedback to the extension.


This is an amazing contribution at least for me this is helpful