Minimum wallet balance for claiming names

Hello. For the minimum wallet balance to be able to claim names, I really could not find any info on this either on Github or the documentation hub. Can someone please give me an answer? Thank you.

@michalzee @milenradkov.chain @dimitar.chain or anyone?

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It depends on the length of the name and is described here

For names longer than 31 characters the fee is 0.0003 AE it seems…

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Hello @hanssv.chain thanks but I’m not really asking about the fees. On the base aepp, even if you have enough balance to pay the name claim fees, if you have less than 2 AE or something, you still cannot claim names. This exact minimum is what I need.

Wasn’t that exactly what I linked to?

For shorter names there will also be an auction, so the cost of the name is not known.

No. There is apparently a minimum wallet balance to be able to claim names (regardless of the name fees itself). So if I try to claim a name that only costs 0.0003 AE, and I have 1.9 AE, the transaction still does not push through because the minimum wallet balance is apparently over 2 AE to even claim any name at all (no matter how small the fee).

“Here is the function of initial bidding price depending on name length for Lima hardfork.”

So let’s use this table for an example… If you want to register a name that is 10 characters long, then the initial bidding price is 75025 * 10^14 aetto = 7.5 AE. This is the minimum fee/price (call it whatever but you NEED to have at least this) that you have to pay to start the auction.

And for a 32 character name the price/fee is 0.0003 AE - which is then the minimum which is what you asked for??

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There was an issue wherein even if you have enough balance to claim a name over 12 characters (therefore, no auction is triggered), the transaction still doesn’t push through because the balance is below this specific minimum. Milen mentioned it before because it became an issue while we were testing a wallet. So the fee has nothing to do with it.

If I am claiming a name that costs 0.0003 AE, and I have more than that amount but below 2 AE, the transaction still does not push through because apparently, the wallet requires over 2 AE despite the fee only being 0.0003. @milenradkov.chain please reply here.

If there is a bug in the wallet, why is the question under Protocol development?

If I recall correctly, this minimum value in the Base aepp was different for the new wallet we were testing. So I put it under Naming System because I don’t know whether it was the wallet that had a bug or if it’s the Naming System that dictates this.

I will double check this and reply here.