[New] aeScan Q2 - 2024

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Status: New
Last updated: 17.04.2024
Submited by Jan Michek [email protected]
Team: aeScan
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Planned Delivery: 30.06.2024

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Open Source Development

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aeScan Q2 2024 features development


Value Application

During this period I will focus on developing several isolated information listing and statistics presentations on separate statistics page.

  • Node operator info listing
  • Mining pools listing
  • Hashrate chart
  • Difficulty chart
  • Blocks stats chart

Next up will head to DEX Trades, which will list all the Dex trades and Dex trades per token. The data dependency was not resolved previous period, so we moved it to this one.

UI improvements

  • Time format switch in tables and time values unification
  • Improve UI and readability of detail pages

Lastly I will take care of migration from MDW v2 endpoints to v3

Status Quo

Currently, there is not many ways how to determine basic information stats for standard users and developer was well. We want to catch up with similar blockchain explorers.

Likewise with the DEX Trades. There is currently no way to list trades.

Required Work

Creating UI and data handling of features listed above. Negotiation and providing feedback to MDW team.


128 hours for Dex Trades, 256 hours of the following smaller features.

Known Limitations

DEX trades is collaboration with MDW team. There may be mutual negotiations about the final result.

Same for the migration for v3 endpoints. The MDW has still not fully migrated endpoints to v3 yet.

Same for the listing and statistics endpoint, It has not been used yet, so some feedback loop vith MDW team may happen.


After the release the features, it will be announced in the forum



Maintenance and improvements based on feedback of the features will followed in the next periods

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Week 14-15 (Apr 1 - Apr 14)

I was working on:

  • Transactions chart page
  • Blocks chart page
  • Time format switch
  • partial migration to v3 endpoints

note: I took 3 days off


Week 16-17 (Apr 15 - Apr 28)

This period I was working on

  • Browser specific fixes of Contract Verification after testing
  • Blocks chart page
  • migrate V3 count endpoints
  • Improve UI and readability of detail pages
  • Display all testnet tokens

Several smaller ad hoc fixes

  • Name fee fixes
  • BRI Reward zero value is approximated
  • Show ae amount for add_vote Smart Contract call

Week 18-19 (Apr 29 - May 12)

This period I was working on:

  • Keyblock chart page
  • fix to smart contract verification service itself - to discard extra files
  • E2E testing + infrastructure negotiation
  • Update terms and conditions entity
  • Sync meeting with MDW team to prioritize dependencies on proposed features