ReCheck Documents on Aeternity



I’d like to announce our effort to port to Aeternity the project which we at ReCheck have been developing - ReCheck Documents.

Here is a link describing the project:

In a nutshell, ReCheck Documents is a service layer (that has also GUI for showcasing the possibilities) for protecting and exchanging documents, powered by the blockchain technology. Till now it was developmed mainly on the ethereum software but we are now putting effort into making it available for Aeternity.

I’ll post more updates on the progress of migration.



:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Good job!


That is such a great news, thank you @emosto :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you need any kind of support, our devs will be ready to help!

And also - let us know what is your telegram handle - you deserve a big tip!



I’m not sure how you’re handling the signing and key management but you could use our coin agnostic library with our app that offers support for Aeternity as well as Ethereum.

You can find more in the technical documentation or on our GitHub, if you’re interested in going down that road, we can schedule a quick call.


Would you guys be interested to do a little showcase of your app during the next Sofia Crypto Meetup? :slight_smile: And welcome to aeternity!


Sure, lets only first bring it to a demoable state :wink: We’ll be definitely show it on some of the meetups!.



Thanks for the hint! I’ll check it out.



Hi guys,

For those interested in the progress of the project, here is a quick update:


  • feature parity on the smart contracts level
  • refactored codebase to support chain adapters
  • refactored configuration scheme
  • adapted server-side scripts


  • create chain adapter for the mobile app
  • align interfaces for identity creation
  • adapt the login flow
  • test, test, test, test, test

We hope in the next 10 days to bring a preview version on the test network.



That’s great @emosto
Thank you for the update, we can’t wait to see your project on the æternity blockchain :slight_smile: