State Channels AMA in Telegram [April 4, 2019 | 11:00 AM CEST]

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We are organizing an AMA session in Telegram with one of the architects of æternity’s state channels technology - Dimitar Ivanov. You can read the full announcement here:

If you have any questions for Dimitar, add them below and we will make sure they get answered during the AMA.

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Hello,Vlad and the AE Team.Do you know Ethereum’s state channels technology? What are the advantages of æternity’s state channels technology compared with Ethereum’s state channels technology.
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Da Shu.

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Hey @Bigtree.chain, the advantages of æternity’s state channels come mainly from the fact that they are a First-Layer solution - i.e. they are incorporated on a protocol level, and not on the second layer like with Ethereum. Thus, æternity’s state channels are much more efficient. Dimitar will tell you more about that during the AMA :slight_smile:



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Oh! Now I understand.
Thank you very much.


Hi Vald and AE team
What’s the development status of POS governance and when these founction can be used?

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Two questions:
1, the current AE’s mining power is concentrated in 2-3 mining pools (such as beepool has exceeded 60%), such situation may bring 51% attacks? Besides the 51% attack, will there be other issues?
2. What is the official attetudeto such situation of mining power? Do they consider that such a situation may lead to people’s criticism of Ae? For example, AE was heavily increased in the first year, and most of the additional is obtained by a very small number of mines, which seems to be purposefully transported to the interests of a few miners.

  1. When user friendly aepps come out? Do you have an estimated date?
  2. Can you show some demos which can show the advantages of the state channels?
  3. Do you have any plan for marketing in China? It’s a very promising market.

Hello everyone,

The Ask-Me-Anything session on State Channels starts in 30 minutes :slight_smile:

Join us in Telegram at 11 AM CEST - Telegram: Contact @aeternity

We expect your questions!

Hello everyone,

We have collected the questions and answers from yesterday’s session - find them below:

We hope you’ve enjoyed the session, more AMAs to come soon!