Suggesting to reward nodes with part of BRI

Nodes are very important for transaction of aeternity tokens. Many nodes are built for different reasons, some for safty, some for mining, some for aeternity community members. As I know, there are only hundreds of alive nodes for aeternity blockchain, and more than one thousand dead nodes. Thus many nodes are abandoned, the reason for this phenomeno probably is fund/capital. You know, running nodes cost money. So chinese community members sugget to reward nodes with part of ae tokens of Bri.


Hello, thank you for your thoughts. I’m curious how this would technically work in a fair way (how can those tokens be distributed in a fair manner). Maybe @ssh can comment on this.

I personally think that running a node should be appreciated somehow. Someone very technical and knowledgable with Blockchain protocols would need to make a proposal and afterwards that proposal and its implementation could be voted upon with the governance app.

Designing the economic incentives are the hardest part here. POS basically rewards you for running a node and staking funds.

Here is a good discussion on reddit about the same topic and Bitcoin

A major problem with having a monetary incentive for nodes is that nobody has figured out a way to do it that isn’t vulnerable to sybil attacks. and here are some other voices


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The reward pos mechanism can be similar to the dash master node?

Maybe, but however it is, it needs a well thought through and highly technical specification. It is not an easy thing to do.

Edit: another very nice article about full nodes and why they make sense :slight_smile:

Edit2: meanwhile, if you are in China or elsewhere and want to run a full node that you make available for others (or provide a service, for example hosting the contracts IDE in China) you can apply for a small grant at for some financial support. We have also supported the details are here:

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There are a couple of different schemes that I’ve considered in the past for »node service incentivisation« :

  1. Node operators get a cut of the fees for each transaction their forward to a miner
  2. Node operators get a cut of the fees for each transaction that is posted to their API
  3. Node operators get a small payment for providing block data to (light) clients (this is the hardest to implement)

In general I don’t see the merit in paying node operators unless they provide some sort of service to the network. And if we were to not tie it to any sort of service, there would need to be a way to prevent sybil attacks, which would then require verifiable stake, work, storage, delay functions or something along those lines.

Also, the thousand dead nodes are more likely caused by the faulty peer discovery and changing ip addresses, which stay around for too long, rather than actually a thousand nodes being abandoned.


Nodes are branches of the aeternity network. The more branches, the stronger aeternity. At present, we most need to provide high-quality services for new members of the aeternity network.

For the current situation, I suggest that officials develop a global node subsidy program for aeternity members from all over the world to apply for nodes in the region themselves and be managed by the applicant himself or an official technician. Officials can grant certain subsidies based on hardware or operating environment.

After the node is installed and used, formal approval is required. Officials pay 30% of the agreed subsidies, 30% in the sixth month, 20% in the ninth month, and 20% in the twelfth month. (Assuming service period is 1 year)

When a permanent network like btc matures, it will be a completely decentralized network, and no official guidance will be required at that time.

In fact, we only need to distribute some active nodes on several continents (such as Asia, Africa, South America, etc.) to ensure good network services. This also avoids adding trouble to the technicians.

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I like the simplicity here. The most important part is

If you do provide service to the network (forwarding transactions to the miner etc.) fees can be given.

This is already possible now. If you want to run a node and provide such a service in your region, please apply for a grant via - like mentioned above, has received such a subsidy already.


Yes, there are a lot of such discussions about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the Internet, but there is very little sense from them.


@beijing @hb.chain Please stick to English in the main Forum categories. For Chinese, there is a dedicated category:

Thank you,

Few problems for a Nodes which are not mining:

  1. How you ensure that the Node is honest?
  2. How you ensure the Node has latest / correct data?

So it’s not only about rewords, but there has to be slashing. Node should sign the data it’s providing and that event should be slashable.

Do you know what’s happening now? It is now that you are willing to pay, and no one else is willing to come.

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Community members want ae team to give support actively (to be a leader), however, ae team hope community members to be the leader. It is right to give the rights to community members, but it is may in a hurry. In addition, we need the market price to encourage community members, miners, and ae team too. Chinese pepole come for benifit and people also leave for benifit.

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Hey @Redcan,

The æternity community strives to be as decentralized as possible. Therefore, you can’t really expect there to be one single leader, that is against everything æternity stands for. The community have the power to vote, build on top of æternity and use the open-source infrastructure however they like.

Hi Albena, you can’t expect investors to be ecological farmers, farmers. Let them donate for AE for free. We cannot expect someone to be as good as Liu Yang.
Aeternity, as a challenger for BTC and ETH, we must recognize the current situation and adjust our strategy immediately to deal with unknown risks. As early as a year ago, I strongly opposed the marketing strategy of VD. Now he is gone. Then we need a new atmosphere. is not it?
@emin.chain @yani.chain

Hey @KANKAN101, I don’t know what you mean exactly with “ecological farmers”. Of course, no one is entering the space and giving money without expecting to earn any profit out of it.

Let us know how you would adjust the strategy in respect to the current situation and risks.


We have world-leading technology. But we only say to the outsiders in our own world that we are the best! We should publish our proud technology on the world’s mainstream web to let more people know about aeternity.
We should establish good interaction with the exchange, not daily @ team people, entertaining ourselves.
Officials cannot always fool others with technology as the guide. We all know that the world is technology and capital driven. No one is a fool. Without profits in AE, it cannot attract investors and developers. As the holder of ae, giving appropriate official advice shouldn’t it be the beginning of community self-control? The official response to all suggestions or feedback is colored. It’s hard to think that this is an international project. This atmosphere has continued from VD until now! !! !!

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We should make world hot spots instead of consuming resources internally. While we are still eating breakfast, others have already completed their day’s workload. Are you still qualified to compete with others?

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Thank you for all of your feedback and ideas. This discussion has nothing to do with the initial topic anymore. please stay on topic or open in new one if you want to discuss other things than rewarding non mining nodes.

Criticism alone will not help us. Please always provide suggestions and propose things to do or to support. there are many projects everywhere in the world organised through the Ambassador program, just as in example.

The best way to help is to write the proper proposal and execute projects that help the entire ecosystem to grow.

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