What are the most important open source products that should be supported by the aeternity Crypto Foundation?


several members in the forum, Telegram and Wechat started to suggest areas and product the aeternity crypto foundation should or should not support. I would like to use this threat to gather feedback from community members and their arguments.


The ACF (Aeternity Crypto Foundation) should support the development of a feature complete Python SDK, because Python is one of the most famous programming languages for server side applications.


The ACF should support the development of a client side code library for State Channels, more particular the FSM, so trust less mobile State Channel applications are easier to build.

Of course there will be hundreds of requests and ideas and not everything will be straight forward to build. There are also not unlimited resources. In order to drive decisions a good proposal and/or documentation is mandatory, an example can be seen here:

And to determine the interest by the community and token holder, governance votes will become reality for signaling this interest:

Looking forward to your ideas!


The ACF (Aeternity Crypto Foundation) should support the development of a feature complete Golang SDK, because Golang based program can be compiled to a single file and cross-paltform, very convenient for both client and server side aepps.


Ethereum Foundation grant program should be the inspiration. BRI funds shouldn’t be treated as a last resort bail-out or support fund for businesses, that what ICO is for. BRI funds should be used for R&D mainly.



This is exactly how it is planned @drag0x, the BRI is only spend for core protocol development and essential tools (like SDK) around it. The announcement can be read here:

Use of the BRI AE Tokens

AE tokens from the Block Reward Initiative will be dedicated to æternity’s technical development.

If the miners adopt the protocol change, the BRI AE tokens will be held under the governance of the æternity Crypto Foundation, a 100% charitable foundation established in Liechtenstein, which is supervised by the corresponding regulatory body.

The æternity Crypto Foundation will report development activities the tokens were spent on.


Thank you for your feedback @Liu - the GO SDK is definitely high on our list and currently under development. If you have feature requests or bugs, please show them here:

We are also looking for more people to support the development. If you know anyone, please ask her/him to apply at aeternity-foundation.org for a development grant!


Better create a portal where a lot of smart contract (in all the languages like solidity, sophia etc.) examples will be discussed and presented. Something like d3.js examples database.


Definitely sure~ :muscle:

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Great, yes, i also thing Typescript is an interesting language.

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Some community members already started with Sophia Examples here

Also our local CDK (Contract Development Kit) ForgAE includes examples and boilerplates and gets improved and maintained day by day

I also think the ACF should support more thinks like that, we call them “developer tools” and i hope more people will propose things and apply for grants and donations around this.

Great thread.
I think we can (and should) break down the spport per category:

TS) Technical / development support: this will include tooling, editor support, SDKs, frameworks.
RS) Research growth
BS) Business support

TS (Technical Support)

On the top of my list would be:

  1. Ensure rapid and inline SDK supporting the core protocol in all main langages: JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, .NET
  2. Editors support. Nobody codes in a plain notepad, and everyone expects a basic editor support
  3. Code / omni: intelligence: cross-platform and cross-editors tooling support for linting and typo checks. We should use the unix approach - to not bind a tool to the editor, but have a tool which could be easily integrated with all other editors (vs code, emacs, vim, sublime text…)
  4. Testing frameworks. Effective development requires well design CI. The suite and project management tool has to be in line with today standards.
  • compiler will have to well support developers (errors, messages)
  • test suite library
  • project management.

So we need to take care for ForgAE and make it better.

All this will shorten the adoption path and make it easier for developers to start with new technology like aeternity.

RS (Research Support)

  1. Standarize common protocols (tokens, compliance, …) - this is must have to make the ecosystem interoperable. Otherwise we will have bunch of random app not working with one another.
  2. Privacy: today the business expects privacy solutions. Ethereum has a big amount of research related to zero knowledge proof. Having more primitives in upcoming FATE release (more signature algorithms which are friendly with latest zkp…) is required to implement such smart-contracts. Porting AZTEC protocol would be a good idea.

BS (Business Support)

  1. Ensure that aeternity is has business partners -> have people who will work for enterprise adoption.
  2. Work with enterprises

It’s worth to note that the competition is rising. In 2019, in the midst of an onslaught of new projects taking off or growing around the same time (Blockstack, ETH 2.0, Dfinity, NEAR, AVA, Spacemesh, Hashgraph, Libra) the right support has to be in place to assure ecosystem growth.

I like all your ideas Robert! +1

I also think competition is high. I’d like to be optimistic and think that all can work together. However, that might be a faulty assumption. What we can agree on, I think, is we all should have something of the highest quality. For developers AND for users.

For one generic suggestion:
I think AE should continue to seek & implement ways to be of such high quality, that other blockchain developers feel compelled to use AE as a layer 2 solution for things such as State Channels and Oracles. Also, if it is possible, to implement easy-to-use API’s where AE can interact with the the internet more than reading via oracles. In particular API’s that could interact with other block-chains. That would be gold because new tokens could be made that live on AE that manage assets of other blockchains (but are traded on AE 's platform). This could be a fund token on AE that could be traded like any coin.

For a second generic suggestion in the business arena:
Focus efforts on developing the use of AE as a currency or currency proxy for a small country. Perhaps, one in Africa. Think big, network big and do it. Imagine… Headline:
“Ghana Becomes First Country in the World to Utilize Crytocurrency for Government Debts - Powered by Aeternity”


@emin @Luka @piwo … Are you guys or any others using this thread? … or any other users… Would be cool to have feedback on feedback. I realize that there might be too many things to track already though.

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Everyone is watching this thread AFAIK. It’s just a lot of things to analyze properly :slight_smile:

I would like to see support for NestJS.

Some of these projects mentioned are nowhere near as developed as ae is, who knows if they will ever have a viable product. Can never see libra getting the green light to create a global currency outside the central banking system, dfinity? All they’ve done is steal aeternitys logo. Hashgraph is not open source and is under patent so will most likely be rejected by the wider crypto community but could possibly be implemented by the Zionist banking system. If a project doesn’t implement erlang for its core blockchain language, it simply wont be able to compete with ae in running flawless business grade applications needed for mass adoption of blockchain. new projects should just fork ae code, its the best out there by a mile

@ominous, you would be surprise. They have big money and moving forward.
Don’t underestimate your market and your competition. Look what enterprises want. I’m just saying that there is lot of amazing research done about how to make things more reliable.
Even if Libra coin will be blocked, I’ve already heard about projects being developed on top of libra blockchain.

BTW: I don’t think we need a project like dfinity in blockchain :wink: But they are moving forward.

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Fair points, all the big conglomerates supposedly involved with Libra will be looking for a centralised closed source protocol so they can say ‘hey we’re using block chain to be transparent’ with people not realising that it will just make it cheaper and easier for them to commit fraud and intellectual property theft. Real cypher punk/crypto people won’t touch it with a barge pole but millions of plebs will. Big catch up game for them. Will Rothschild allow zuckerburg to print money? Time will tell…trust is broken with FB and the public. Thanks Brittany kaiser…hashgraph too, closed source patent. I’m wishing a termination of these demon babies

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Enterprise decisions are made by the heads of units in the corporations. Those guys right now are hiring whole teams and outsourcing whole projects because they don’t have the expertise in their organizations. Aeternity needs to reach some adoption in B2B projects in order to be battle tested enough as a platform/ecosystem so heads of external units decide to engage with the ecosystem.

Big enterprises wouldn’t risk engaging with too novel of a tech stack unless it is justified. They would rather spend 10x more in order to have a solution that works and is a “sure thing”. Consulting companies, small organizations, disruptive companies are the first on the line to test new technology - i.e blockchain.

If those external units build enough exposure to markets, value chains, business models etc. then they can naturally introduce big enterprise to a blockchain technology like Aeternity which has provable track-record. i.e. the head of a small consulting company sharing something like this: “We used this blockchain to reach a bigger number of businesses who operate in a similar trustless environment like the one you are now trying to reach”

Aeternity is still in the early days of the tech. I like that getting business ideas to run on Aeternity is a priority. Efforts like the Hackaethons, Starfleet and the future release of Crypto-task platform are a great way to engage more businesses/developers and build a set of early-adopters use-cases.

Naturally, having use-cases will drive regulation as well.


make t-shirt with ae logo and selling it to Africa… ae will pump