Why do you think the AE community is not active as it could be?

Why is this ZB.com fake trading AE in almost half of market cap volume?

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2019-07-15T22:00:00Z :poop:

I have lost faith on AE team. very disappointed.

Hey Neil, what made you feel this way?

In my opinion one of the most important things to AE to take off is to provide highly advanced programming tools.

Other things that are missing:

  • superior blockchain explorer that interacts with contracts, oracles (and statechannels?). This explorer should not be built with “mobile first” approach as it should serve developers, testers, investors and users. It is unbelievable that there is no such one currently. And I am comparing to what Ethereum has accomplished since the ICO till their blockchain launch. Aeternity lagged there miserably.
  • knowledge base with examples with kind of interactive “edit, compile and deploy” functionality (see Heroku deploy button). I see progress in that matter as you are working on web based IDE.
  • strong and independent developers (in the current Aeternity organization), they should be kind of AE gods not limited by management.
  • DAOs that could manage BRI funds or any other staked funds (look at MolochDAO). Ethernity is making a progress in that matter, it is community driven and the funds are provided by token-holders independently.

Write your opinion what is the most important thing now, how to change it, fix it, improve it.


Some simple things to spread the word and build interest and participation in the community is to make your voice heard. The engagement metrics are low for the amount of followers and that hides ae in the algorithms that show people content. I’m talking likes, upvotes, retweets, shares, comments. Thousands of people hold ae. For example i know more than 10 people have facebook in the community but that is all the likes a post gets. instagram, twitter, forum, facebook, reddit and more. Show your support and work the algos and make it look like ae isn’t dead. Likes bring more likes. If you have time do it everywhere especially if you use a platform already and influence your investment to go up. This is something we all should do to an extent.

This is a call to action for everyone to pull together and rise in the ranks. I hope this message is spread and this activity encouraged


I care about development side more than marketing.
Superior tech and superior developer tools is the key to success IMO.
Instead of “mobile first” we need “developers first” approach. Especially on this early stage.


I’m not sure if accumulating a larger user base is strictly marketing.

It’s a decentralized project so naturally the users can become miners, ambassadors, developers, and so on - plenty of roles that can be adopted. Even from a technical perspective having a critical mass of users is immensely beneficial for a blockchain.

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I can only speak for myself

  1. The way the layout of the forum is designed does not encourage conversation. It’s functional but its complex for my brain to navigate around the forum to select the conversation/activity i want to engage in- This translates to it being labelled as alot of ‘work’ for my brain just to participate - at a subconscious level, i don’t visit the page as much as i would consciously like to. Is there a way we can clean it up so that it looks more like what my mind is accustomed to - the facebook & whatsapp type of layouts? Improving design to encourage usability.

Regular users will come because of Apps and dApps built on top of Aeternity. But these Apps and dApps will be built if developers and general management of crypto- and fintech companies will decide to use it for their projects. There are many levels Aeternity have to take care about, but Aeternity must position the blockchain as a development platform and shows that it can be superior in comparison to other platforms. To show it they need to build high quality:

  • knowledge base
  • tutorials
  • kind of “Aeternity Development Platform” and I think about low level things - compilers, testing framework, base libraries, SDK. Here I need to admit I see the progress, but Aeternity need more development resources as there are really many things to take care about.
  • IDE is a nice to have but not a must, but for example web-based IDE would make it possible to write, edit, test, deploy, share, fork (like in GitHub) contracts quickly, will be useful as a tutorial platform. I worry that maintaining IDE can be pain in the ass, but it can accelerate adoption.

Hello guys,

Here is something that we just launched to enable anyone to join the community building efforts.

We hope that this initiative will accelerate the growth of the ecosystem. If you have any ideas, we will be more than happy to hear them. I know a few were shared here in the Forum already, but now there is clear process on what is needed to get funding to execute them.


I completely agree. The dev team is really overwhelmed and we are opening up to external support so more work can be done simultaneously. I really hope @marc0olo will be able to join the effort. Working on this now :slight_smile:

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I can imagine responsibilities are spreading like a merkle-tree :wink: and causing bottlenecks. But that is a good sign, otherwise it would mean the project failed.

The Foundation and the Community is here to overcome the obstacles, but as I said, trust, honesty and transparency is a must in that matter.


@mitch_lbw and I will continuously work on the Java SDK and provide a showcase application which makes use of it.

it is also planned to provide a gradle (maybe also maven) plugin which does following tasks:

  • compile smart contracts
  • create ACI for smart contracts
  • use the ACI of smart contracts and generate java classes which make use of the SDK providing methods to deploy the contract and to interact with it

I can’t get an ETA for that because time is limited and we want to make sure our SDK supports all features of æternity first. (e.g. currently support for state channels and oracles is missing there)

as soon as we have state channel support in the SDK we also want to provide some tooling around that stuff. but cannot tell more about this right now.


Mining and current inflation curve is killing the market value of AE. All AE holders are losing money without seeing any benefit for the project. i dont know how Yani made this decision to let the community tank the inflation.

also, BRI, the voting rule is very tricky and many voters be misleaded (include myself) , this let me start doubting the ethics issue of AE team. This is why i feel very disappointed right now . i just share my feellings here.

Would turning POS a good idea for AE or at lease a much less inflation rate? Do we really need hire so much mining power and let the community suffers? could anybody follow up this discussion?


What are some of the reasons that the community thinks will help the token price rise?
When aepps start running and being used?
When dapps get ported from other chains to ae?
The airdrop?
Partnerships with well known companies?

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Firstly, solve AE inflation! And the transparency of team decision-making!! To be de-centralized, now it has become centralized!!

Maybe some centralisation at the start is good for a project?

OK,let’s ask the team to discuss how to solve the problem of inflation!! In the absence of new funds from ae, the price of AE keeps breaking new lows in the face of miners’10 W + per day! What is the team’s response?

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Why don’t you answer me?