Why we haven't seen any applications for state channels and oracles?

The aeternity ecosystem is growing, but why we haven’t seen any applications for state channels and oracles. In addition, how is the development progress of the virtual state channel? As we all know, the aeternity mainnet tps is 116 per second, which is not suitable for large commercial scenarios. With regard to the current situation of the aeternity blockchain, the core functional state channels and oracles have not received the attention of the developers. What does the AE team think about it?
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Responding about State Channels because I am really strongly opinionated about this.

I envision basically 2 different use cases: B2B and B2C. The first one can be built right now and would allow companies to call contracts off-chain at blazingly fast speed. This includes all IoT cases as well. For this one could easily use either the Elixir or the JS SDKs. I personally would pick the Elixir one as it is much more battle tested. This sadly had not been marketed in any way and since no B2B use cases on Aeternity blockchain I am aware of, no such aepps.

What people imagine regarding State Channels actually is the B2C scenario. This had been discussed quite intensively and my opinion is that there are way too many barriers right now. Namely:

  • There is no generalized SC client. If a developer Don wants to build an SC application he has to implement all the client side and this is a big effort. Then if another developer Dave wants to implement a SC application - he must do it as well. This is not just a trivial boilerplate issue and could easily result in a ton of incoherent applications. It is described in greater detail here, as well with a suggested solution:
  • No tutorials or examples. Even if someone is motivated enough and wants to learn how to implement the client themselves - they are on their own. There is a ton of the APIs and protocol documentation but this is just documentation and does not guide developers into writing aepps, let alone any gothcas or good practices.

Hopefully this all is to change soon :slight_smile: Cc @YaniUnchained


This is really an urgent issue, thank you for your reply. @dimitar.chain

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If the domain name system, state channel, and oracle of the aeternity blockchain do not get the attention of developers, then the ecosystem of the aeternity blockchain will not produce great progress. Why doesn’t the AE team develop an aepps example that integrates core functions such as domain name system, state channel, oracle? I absolutely believe you have such development capabilities.
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Keep watching and looking forward to the team’s reply. Want to know the exact time to implement these functions.@ yanislav.chain @ vlad.chain @ emin.chain @ albena.chain

There have been several demo applications for 1 on 1 state channels, you can search for it here in the forum. There is also a payment application that uses a payment hub (which is similar to virtual state channels just with a hub you have to trust). You can read about it here:

It includes an intense report and videos. The work on virtual state channels continues. There is a white paper written by @dimitar.chain that still needs reviewers :slight_smile:

I don’t think 116 tx per second are a problem right now. The aeternity network is far away from reaching any limits or bottlenecks. Even Ethereum does quite well with its ~15tx/s in peak times and the ecosystem grows nicely. As long as there is no demand for high-tech we should focus on doing things right and safe. Reliability and user / developer experience of aeternity is key here. People need to start building and therefore they need well documented software and a working stack. In order to receive the attention of the developers (and later users of their apps) we need to spread the word and provide the best possible developer and learning experience when it comes to Blockchain application development. By the time that applications that got build reach thousand of users (which we’re still quite far away from in the whole space, see https://dappradar.com/) the protocol will also be advanced. I hope this answer makes sense for you and like everyone here this is my personal opinion and I’m happy to be convinced otherwise if someone has good arguments.

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