1 rig - 1 node?


can I poin 4 different rigs (cuckoo) point to single node with my beneficiary address?

Thank you


I’m looking for an answer as well.


I too am looking. Since a single rig with multiple GPU’s currently need to run a node per GPU.




We’ve forwarded your question to the dev team and they’ll get back to you.



Hello everyone! We are currently thinking of announcing a bounty to provide a solution to this for everyone. If anyone of you is interested to help, please get in touch with me.


Right now I think you can create 1cuckoo per node and N nodes per rig based on resources. So far no pooling mechanism or multiple connections. only on gpu but I have not tested that one.


For a multi-GPU solution - look at https://github.com/aeternity/epoch/tree/multi_gpu - it applies to the one box multiple GPUs case…