1000 AE For Telegram Tipping!


Hey, thank you @justin, this is really cool :slight_smile:

I am sure newcomers would find that useful.

A few notes though - Roma and Minerva are the codenames of the first and the second live implementations of the æternity network. Indeed, the Minerva release is connected to the second phase of token migration since it will end with the next scheduled upgrade of the protocol. FYI the next release coming after May 2019 will be called Fortuna :slight_smile:

What I mean is that Roma, Minerva and Fortuna are what we call the different stages of development of the æternity protocol, and not the token migration phases, although they are interconnected!

Tell us your telegram handle so we can tip you :wink:



Oh awesome, thank you so much for the clarifications! I’ve rewritten all those sections from scratch and added a section for Fortuna :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ve understood everything and it’s a lot more accurate now!


I’m the new one here, so I’ve just found there’s a Telegram channel.
Gonna join it, thanks!


Hey @Ana_Litvi - we have several Telegram groups - the main one is mainly in English, while there are also groups in Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Dutch (you can find the links in the main group).

So pick the group that best suits you :wink:



Thanks for your help again! I’ve already joined the group


Thank you guys, I will join the group in Telegram


This is great!! The Base æpp might be a great addition to the Glossary. :slight_smile:



There we go :slight_smile: I also wrote up more sections and added more features since - integrating some API calls, and fixed up some bugs left and right. I’m trying some ads to try to help with compensation, though I think it’ll probably not be successful at all…but hopefully it doesn’t make things too ugly either :see_no_evil:


Thank you @justin, that’s great! :blush: