1000 AE For Telegram Tipping!

Hello everyone!

The æternity Crypto Foundation (Liechtenstein) just announced a monthly donation of 1000 AE to be spent on tips to support valuable contributions to the æternity ecosystem and stimulate positive interactions between community members.

You can read the announcement in the blog:

If you believe that you have done something worthy of a tip, please announce it below!

All tips will be distributed via the Telegram TipBot in the main æternity Telegram channel.

All the best!
Vlad and the AE Crypto Foundation Team


Hey Vlad,

great initiative! I think the development of our aepp-sdk-java deserves a tip.

Also I think the creator of the aeknow.org and especially @Kryztoval (creator of the TipBot itself) should receive a tip =)




AEKnow and Kryztoval already received rewards for their work! AEknow -> 3000 AE (as a bounty) and Kryztoval - 200 AE (tip). I am not sure who is the creator of the Java SDK.


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ahh ok, cool!

@mitch_lbw and myself are developing the Java (not javascript ;)) SDK :slight_smile:


Hey @marco.chain, you both deserve a tip, thank you for your work :slight_smile: :blush:

What are your telegram handles?


thanks @albena.chain! :slight_smile:

our handles on telegram are the same as here:


I couldn’t find @mitch_lbw in the telegram group, maybe he does not have a tipping address :roll_eyes:

You know that you can find all that information here in the Forum, right?

The Tipping Bot is a great way to demonstrate how quickly and easily micropayments happen on the æternity network, so we believe it’s equally important to support it :slight_smile:

The new website is coming soon!

It is for new users. It is hard to find info here.
And even for me, has been on the forum for months, is hard to find info I want.

Tell us what we should highlight - what information exactly you have hard time finding?

Dear @xiahui135,

You have made your point clear in Twitter and in the Forum. Everyone is painfully aware about the need to update the website and that is happening. Please try to stay on topic and refrain from spamming the channels.


Vanessa is doing a great work at the Spanish Telegram channel. Tip Vanessa.


Vanessa is part of the æternity team :slight_smile:

Ohhhhhh, I see…

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She is our Community Manager in the Spanish-speaking part of the world :slight_smile: @vanessa.chain

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:blush: thank you for your support @Jaavi, I really appreciate it

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Thanks to you Vanessa. I really appreciate you work at the Telegram channel.

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I don’t know the work of other people. But I am sure you all deserve bbe tipping.:+1:

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æ Crypto Foundation donations are for community members, not æ’s team members :wink: so we are distributing it to community members in telegram, contributions can be in writing about ae, participating in the community, or creating useful tools or projects :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone,

During my journey to gain a deeper understanding of æternity, I encountered numerous terms that I was still not very familiar with despite having been around for a while. I created a glossary for myself to keep track of everything and now I’ve decided to open this up for public consumption to help educate any newcomers to æternity:


I believe it’s really useful for the onboarding process since there are many specific terms used only within the æternity ecosystem. I will continue to expand this to not only cover more terms, but to also go further in-depth in each section and to add more interactivity features where possible!

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