234 commits in a single day - QA problem

I saw the statistics for Top Public Blockchains. It is nice to see æternity as one of the most active blockchains on the Github. But one number caught my attention, staggering 234 commits in a single day. If we put that number in the comparison to other blockchains, the second value is 70 which indicates there is a serious problem with 234 commits. Another indicator there is a problem, if we observe only æternity Github, it has 2044 total code commits. Now we can see that more than 10% of all commits are from a single day!

To me, this indicates there is a problem in the quality assurance process that needs to be addressed. Probably, that single day is a day before hard fork but there is no excuse to have soo many commits. Maybe there were many attempts, retries which means that the untested code is committed - problem in the QA.

It is great to see that æternity is the 5th most active blockchain but I hope we can all agree there is a problem with 234 commits in a single day and find a solution. Or even better if this already addressed and we can all learn how to prevent this situation.

Is the actual data presented somewhere? I could only see the aggregated numbers and graphs… It would indeed be interesting to see what day sported 234 commits, my guess would be that someone moved a repository or code between repositories…

For the aeternity core node the last years activity is pretty well summarized by this graph where I think we see a rather steady (although quite fast) development pace - with a high point in August where we two weeks in a row had almost 80 commits. (By the way, that is 2 months before the hard fork :wink: )

Then there is a separate discussion about code metrics and whether number of commits is a good metric, but let’s leave that for another day…


@hanssv thank you for the explanation and correct data. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I agree with that but I think 10% of commits in single day would indicate some problem, that is why I brought this up.