2nd Aeternity Haeckathon in Venezuela March 25/26 2020

This is the second haeckathon held in Venezuela and the first one this year!
The main purpose is to gather all projects & ideas that participants from our tech meetups came up with, we are also accepting new enthusiasts that are willing to include aeternity’s blockchain features to their projects!

General Description
Two-day hackathon where participants are going to have to accomplish different tasks in order to win!
Day 1 is all about helping teams have a thorough understanding of their project, Value proposal, business model, target audience, road map, etc.
Day 2 we’ll help teams integrate aeternity’s features to their projects.


Welcome session:

Introduction to the organizers.
- Who organize the event, background and experience. (15min)
2) Presentation of the sponsors.
- Summary of the characteristics of the aeternity platform and its advantages.
3) Reason why the hackathon was created.
- Brief exposition of objectives. (15min)
4) Important points to keep in mind (rules).
- Explanation of procedures and dynamics of the event. (15min)

  1. Share the experience on social networks
    • Create a specific #hashtag for the event and ask participants to
      post your progress on it. (10 minutes)

Work session:

Individual presentation of the different groups.
- Profile of the members.
- Project description.
- Stage of development in which it is.
- Current requirements to advance / finish.
(15min per team max)
- Mix / Match, connect ideas with talent to develop.

Creation of the Business Model.
- What is your value proposition? (25min)
- How does it work? (15min)
- How will you acquire clients? (20min)
- How are benefits obtained? (monetization). (30 min)

Work session:

Technical difficulties associated with the blockchain.
- Validation of the use of the blockchain in your projects.
- Optimization of Aeternity resources (State channels and Oracles).
- Implementation of Smart Contracts when applicable.
- Integration to the Frontend.
(45min per team max)
Presentation of Projects in advanced stage.
- Pitch for Instructors and students.


LOCATION: Venezuela,(Caracas, Barquisimeto, Valencia)
TIME START: March 20 9:00am
TIME END: March 21 4:00pm
REGITRATION at https://forms.gle/nNvCKbzNgtkrqo9J6

the æternity forum team


The recent virus is getting worse and worse all over the world. please pay attention to safety. It is better to postpone the meeting or hold an electronic meeting.


Thanks for your concern, the hackathon is being designed to work both in presence or remote so we’ll be prepared.


Hey @jcdelpino, thanks for promoting the hæckathon here in the Forum. Are all places already occupied? How can a team register?


Hi Nessa,
I’m going to add a Registration Form link to the post and people can also contact us through [email protected].


All participants are welcome to register until March 18, 2020.


To stimulate the use of time in this quarantine, Aeternity Blockchain will carry out the 2nd. Hackathon in Venezuela this March 25 and 26.

Aeternity wants to stimulate learning about blockchain, and thus provide options for the use of free time while you protect yourself in your residence against the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

This 2nd. Hackathon is a collective effort of the team of ambassadors of Aeternity in Venezuela, made up of Juan Carlos Delpino (Leader), Marco Gómez (Dist. Capital), Adrián Sánchez (Miranda), Boris Guevara (Lara), Iván León (Carabobo) and Luis Torres (Nueva Esparta).

This Hackathon is an open call for all blockchain enthusiasts to participate, be they developers or entrepreneurs in general in the field of new disruptive technologies.

We are in search of new projects that integrate the use of the Aeternity blockchain, showing its characteristics in an original way.

The projects can be in different stages of development, since the way the event is designed allows the advancement in stages, which makes it easier for new teams or ventures to advance at the same time as other more experienced ones.
The hackathon will be 100% online thanks to the use of video-conferencing tools, which allow participants to interact with each other jointly with the event moderators.

This is a unique opportunity to consult questions directly with experts in the field and receive guidance about the implementation of the Aeternity blockchain in their projects.

The three best ideas or projects will receive a cash prize:

1st Place 500 2nd Place 250
3rd Place $ 150
They will also receive allegorical flannels and quotas for hours of personalized consultation.


Hey @jcdelpino thanks for the update.


Excellent start of the hackathon Aeternity Venezuela 2020,


Here are some Pics of the event,


Good afternoon!. We are promoting the use of the technology of eternity in the country.


Already activated on the 2nd day of our #hackathon Day, here the group of connected participants talking about the value proposition of each project.


More participants join, despite the connectivity failures that exist in the different areas of the country.


Mas participantes se unen, a pesar de las fallas de conectividad que exiten en las distintas zonas del pais.


Hey everyone, thanks for the continuous update and for keeping hackathon going


Yes, we are very happy for the assistance achieved, despite the difficulties.
I mention that 17 teams managed to enroll in the event of which the vast majority have good initiatives for the use of blockchain, there is still a lot of content to evaluate and interact with the groups to polish all those initiatives, which we will comment on here.


Si, estamos muy contentos por la asistencia alcanzada, a pesar de las dificultades.
Te menciono se lograron inscribir en el evento 17 equipos de los cuales la gran mayoría poseen buenas iniciativas para el uso de la blockchain, aun falta mucho contenido por evaluar e interactuar con los grupos para pulir todas esas iniciativas, el cual iremos comentando por aquí mismo.

@jcdelpino @mgomez @bguevara @ubikalo @Luis.chain @adrian.sanchez @erik.chain @pablocoirolo.chain @yanislav.chain


Excelente, ya quiero escuchar sobre esas ideas :sunglasses:


Agradecida con la oportunidad de aprender mas sobre este tipo de tecnologías aplicadas en Blockchain, aparte de ver presentar y escuchar los proyectos presentados, en donde se ve la calidad y el manejo presentado en los poryectos, la oportunidad de aprender es increible y el staff realmente muy bueno, queriendo aprender mucho mas sobre los proyectos y poder aportar ideas en base a esta nueva tecnologia de blockchain, atenta para la actividad de mañana.



Hola @NataliCarrilloMCR27 bienvenida al foro, encantados de que seas parte del hæckathon, éxitos mañana.

Hey @NataliCarrilloMCR27 welcome to the forum, glad to have you here and that you are part of the hæckathon, wishing you all the best.


Adding translation…

Grateful with the opportunity to learn more about this type of technology applied in blockchain, also for being able to know about the hight quality projects, the opportunity to learn is incredible and the staff is amazing, hoping to learn much more about the projects and to be able to contribute ideas based on this new blockchain technology, attentive for tomorrow’s activity.



We have already started the second day of our hackathon and we are activated together with all the teams.
Total attendance.
Today we will develop the technical challenge of all the projects and ideas that were registered in our event.


Ya iniciamos la segunda jornada de nuestro hackathon y estamos activados junto a todos los equipos.
Asistencia Total.
Hoy desarrollaremos el desafio tecnico de todos los proyectos e ideas que se registraron en nuestro evento.