#3rd Aeterity Meetup in Lagos (Ahmadiyya) Held 17th of March


My third meetup was held on the 17th of March in Lagos, I had a few friends and colleagues come over o the venue and we had a great discussion and proper introduction of the Aeternity Blockchain Platform. As is common place very few of the participants had heard of the word Blockchain, although a few were familiar with the word bitcoin but never knew the platform/protocol on top which it was built. Session lasted for about an hour and it was a fully interactive one. To Ensure that meetups are progressive in nature I decided that we would move a step higher during each meetup, taking from the very non-developer basics to the Aeternity developer eccentrics.
We dwelt on the following topics.


That is great @cryptofridge, thank you for spreading the word about æternity :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean when asking “Will smart contracts eventually get rid of third parties?”

The æternity Starfleet accelerator is open to people from all around the world, no limitations, and no need for you to be a developer. However, depending on your business idea, it may be useful to have a developer on board :wink:



Thanks @ae-albena for the response. What the person who asked the question was trying to inquire was if smart contracts will take over the roles of lawyers in the case of an agreement signing, or if smart contracts will eradicate the need for dispute settlements involving a third party.


Here are the videos from Daraola’s last meetup: