5 Issues Companies Are Facing With Blockchain


Hello everyone,

We are well aware that the blockchain technology is way too young and there are still lots of obstacles on the road to its mass adoption.

We looked into the most common issues companies and entrepreneurs are facing when trying to apply blockchain:

To overcome a challenge, we should first know it, right? Tell us what do you think!



In fact, I thought Blockchain has a higher level of security than it is written in the article. Now it is becoming more and more sophisticated, and it is undoubtedly a great progress


I agree with Ana_Litvi and, from all the problems mentioned in the article, I would have made an accent on security issues. Automated tests could help with this problem, as you wrote, but, in my case it’s hard to convince management to implement them. That’s the problem I’m facing with for last few months.


Hey @Oldbear226232, what industry are you working in and why is management reluctant to implement automated tests? Tell us more, it’s really interesting to see a real-life case of an entity refusing to incorporate blockchain :slight_smile: