(51attack)Hand in hand to tide over difficulties, ideal for the future

According to the data on the chain, 29 million AE of illegal gains by hackers have been returned to the illegal address of hackers. Illegal gains are as follows: [Suspect of the 51% attack]Please keep eyes on these accounts

The official team, along with exchanges and mines, must lock in their illegal gains. Otherwise, in the future, a large number of coins will be sold without mercy, damaging the market. If necessary, it is suggested to vote for consensus and upgrade the hard fork.

I think they don’t want this to end, including exchanges and mines. Otherwise, it will still be the community that will eventually be hurt. There must be solutions.

At present, AE community is not strong enough, only cooperation can coexist, otherwise we can be easily ended. Official teams and exchanges, as well as mining pools and communities, must work together for sustainable development.


I guess telling people for the past couple of years, not to worry about price, were a mistake. This was a predicted outcome, by smarter heads than mine. Valuable blockchains are more expensive to 51%.

“Let’s all come together, as a community” doesn’t work after the terrible performance for AE. You guys had it & squandered it. Oh well.


You are absolutely correct.

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I support you