6000 transactions per second on-chain?

ON Aeternity’s twitter, said that Aeternity has about 6000 tps transactions per second on-chain … :Replying to @NiklasKossow @janmschnurr
Hey! Just got a reply from the dev team. With Bitcoin-NG implemented -> about 6000 tx/s on-chain. No tx/s limit for state channels (off-chain) - speed is based on peer-to-peer bandwidth.

It is really ? That’s amazing!!! Unbelievable!!!

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Yes, that is true :slight_smile: [CORRECTION] 6000 tx/minute! 100tx/s. More conrete numbers will be available once simulations start. This is an estimate. Could be less, could be more.

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The aeternity-team is the best team in the world!!! You will change the world!!! Thank you AE!!!

We hope so! :slight_smile: That’s the goal.

Are you sure?
You are the official

Hello! We checked again. It is 6000tx per MINUTE. Sorry for the confusion. We asked about tx/s and the dev team replied with tx/min. This is an estimate. Could be less, could be more. We will have more info once simulations start.

Ok, i wish AE will reach 6000tps on-chain one day. :sunglasses: even though State channel is enough.


Hi, what does it mean by 100tx/s? Does it mean 100 block per second or 100tx included in a single block per second?

Hey, you need to understand how Bitcoin-NG works. Have a look at this. There are two types of blocks: key-blocks and microblocks. Whoever finds a key-block can create microblocks until the next key-block is found.

Possible with a bigger block like #bitcoincash

are there any new updates how many transactions Æternity can handle on-chain through Bitcoin-NG? in best case the answer also contains a comparison to other chains (especially Bitcoin and Ethereum)

is 100tx/s or 6000tx/min valid?

If you go to aeknow.org and look at network status it shows max TPS seen so far. Was 106 for a long time and now I just looked and it reads 116.

Hope this helps.


The correct value is 6000 tx/minute on-chain, so about 100 tx/s, although currently the speed is a bit higher than that.

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How much TPS can be achieved if state channels are included?

There is no limit on the number of transactions processed in state channels :slight_smile:

So I can understand that ae’s TPS are infinite? Enough to meet the commercial requirements, because I do not understand the block chain technology, but also very supportive of ae, so I need some intuitive understanding of ae, to me, there should be a lot of people, hope that the AE team can intuitively show us the strength of ae, so that AE will have more supporters.

Because now is a bear market after all, the AE team should show the strength of AE and get more support.

You can open up 1000 state channels per minute (example). State channels run in parallel and you can open an infinite number of state channels (every opening is on on-chain transaction, every closing too).

Therefore yes, its infinite.

Any questions? @dimitar.chain can explain you details if you’re interested.


On Chain 116 TPS is like 8 times more than ethereum.

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