6000 transactions per second on-chain?


ON Aeternity’s twitter, said that Aeternity has about 6000 tps transactions per second on-chain … :Replying to @NiklasKossow @janmschnurr
Hey! Just got a reply from the dev team. With Bitcoin-NG implemented -> about 6000 tx/s on-chain. No tx/s limit for state channels (off-chain) - speed is based on peer-to-peer bandwidth.

It is really ? That’s amazing!!! Unbelievable!!!


Yes, that is true :slight_smile: [CORRECTION] 6000 tx/minute! 100tx/s. More conrete numbers will be available once simulations start. This is an estimate. Could be less, could be more.


The aeternity-team is the best team in the world!!! You will change the world!!! Thank you AE!!!


We hope so! :slight_smile: That’s the goal.


Are you sure?
You are the official


Hello! We checked again. It is 6000tx per MINUTE. Sorry for the confusion. We asked about tx/s and the dev team replied with tx/min. This is an estimate. Could be less, could be more. We will have more info once simulations start.


Ok, i wish AE will reach 6000tps on-chain one day. :sunglasses: even though State channel is enough.


Hi, what does it mean by 100tx/s? Does it mean 100 block per second or 100tx included in a single block per second?


Hey, you need to understand how Bitcoin-NG works. Have a look at this. There are two types of blocks: key-blocks and microblocks. Whoever finds a key-block can create microblocks until the next key-block is found.


Possible with a bigger block like #bitcoincash