A Letter to the AE Team

Dear AE Team Members,

This letter aims to convey my concerns and expectations accurately. As an investor in AE, I have unwavering confidence in this project due to the team’s top-notch technical prowess and innovative capabilities. However, in terms of marketing and promotion, we have consistently lagged, resulting in AE’s market performance falling short of its true value.

In recent years, we have witnessed rapid development and transformation within the blockchain industry while AE seems to have struggled to integrate into this current. Many emerging projects have gained significant attention and investments, surpassing our market presence. This discrepancy leaves me disheartened, knowing AE’s untapped potential and strengths.

Efforts by the Foundation this year, such as technical standard upgrades and new exchange listings, offer a glimpse of hope for AE’s future. Yet, we must intensify marketing efforts to acquaint more individuals with AE and highlight its investment potential.

In the vast Chinese market, increased publicity is essential. Collaborating with prominent Chinese media platforms like Mytoken and Feixiaohao is crucial to raise awareness. Listing on major exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, and Coinbase will enhance liquidity and trading opportunities.

In this competitive landscape, proactive strategies are imperative. Partnering with market-making firms to enhance liquidity, securing listings on mainstream exchanges to boost trading activity, and driving projects like Hyperchains for technical innovation are essential steps.

AE’s true value surpasses current demonstrations. Our goal should be to rival prices of 1 ETH or even 1 BTC. Let’s showcase AE’s advantages on a broader stage, guiding the future of the blockchain industry.

Dear AE Team Members, let’s unite, bring AE back to the forefront, make our investments more worthwhile, and realize our aspirations. It’s time for action.

I look forward to your proactive response and further collaboration.

Warm regards, Bigtree.