A List of Seed Nodes for the Roma Release!


Hello everyone!

We hoped you noticed the new Roma release :slight_smile: It includes a list of seed nodes that you can use in order to join the æternity network. Here it is. You can chose a random one.

-“aenode://[email protected]3:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected].219:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]63:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected].72:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]5:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]1:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]4:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]66:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]66:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]207:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected].217.69.24:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]5:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]3:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]2:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected].86:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]79:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]45:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]10:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]232:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected].38:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]119:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]41:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected].83:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]60:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]240:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]60:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]175:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected].138:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]9:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]7:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]140:3015”
- “aenode://[email protected]79:3015”




lol and where to put this list?


yes. so what is this for? How can check the explorer?


This list is part of the release. It is pasted here for convenience. The explorer needs to be ported to the Roma release.



Could you configure https://explorer.aepps.com to show mainnet?


I don’t think they can right now, as it is not working with release just yet.

But the team is working hard, I am currently trying out the develop branch and it is coming out nice.


Update for the explorer is comming but it will take a few days probably


If you run 1.0.0 epoch as a node. To sync, do we need to define anything for peers in the config ? if left bank should the node sync to the Roma mainnet ?



No, that is correct. The default seed nodes for 1.0.0 corresponds to the list in this post!

Top block doesn't match SDK-TESTNET Explorer

awesome. ok I am running the sync. but when I:

curl http://localhost:3013/v2/blocks/top

this looks incorrect to me ? shouldnt that match the top block from a seed like returns. height is like 295 when I posted this


It looks like you have not managed to connect to the network, that is the genesis block. I’d suggest looking in the log-files, especially the log/epoch_sync.log


the log shows stuff like:

2018-11-28 12:57:55.292 [debug] <0.1275.0>@aec_sync:get_next_work_item:339 Get block at height 65
2018-11-28 12:57:55.292 [debug] <0.3274.0>@aec_sync:do_fetch_generation_ext:797 we don’t have the block -fetching ("<<243,90,61,15,…,207,83,85,117>>")
2018-11-28 12:57:55.330 [debug] <0.3274.0>@aec_sync:do_fetch_generation_ext:802 block fetched from “pp_SFA9D5w…ZAbSkDt” ("<<243,90,61,15,…,207,83,85,117>>"); “#block{height=65, root_hash=<<4,29,244,27,…,41,192,204,113>>, prev_hash=<<131,184,198,83,…,250,196,162,69>>}”
2018-11-28 12:57:55.331 [debug] <0.1275.0>@aec_sync:get_next_work_item:339 Get block at height 22

which looks correct ? but the top block curl request should be always showing the height, right ?
so… what is going wrong here… hmmm


That part looks good, you are getting blocks from the network. Any errors further down? You should be trying to add them to your chain.

Yes, asking localhost:3013/v2/blocks/top should be the top block of your view of the chain.


No errors in sync… it just keeps going and going… but the top block curl doesn’t change

in epoch.log I have

2018-11-28 13:14:59.347 [debug] <0.2446.4>@aec_tx_pool:do_update_sync_top:482 do_update_sync_top(304,304,<0.1264.0>), LocalTop = 0
2018-11-28 13:14:59.347 [debug] <0.1264.0>@aec_tx_pool:handle_info:309 [15] Msg = {<0.2446.4>,new_gc_height,304}

the folder data/aecore/ only has .genesis in it. Should it have more folders created by now ?


Hmm, strange…

Check in log/epoch_sync.log that you really manage to get block 1… Then also check log/epoch_mining.log and look for problems there, it should try to synced_block: ... and possibly indicate if there are issues?

Apart for the DB-folder it should not create any folders.


ok this must be a symptom of the culprit , when I set mining to true I get

2018-11-28 13:51:11.737 [error] <0.12280.10>@aec_conductor:handle_mining_reply:718 Failed to mine block, runtime error; retrying with different nonce (was 7839255539520788826). Error: {execution_failed,{status,127}}

When it is set to false. which is how it was set with all the above messages, i get this in the mining log

2018-11-28 14:17:33.521 [info] <0.13584.26>@aec_conductor:add_synced_block:150 Header failed validation: incorrect_pow

my config is

autostart: false
executable: lean30
extra_args: “”
edge_bits: 30


are you sure you are using the proper configuration, minimum ram requirements, or the proper bits, mean/lean etc?

This almost sounds like a misconfiguration of your base yaml


sure was :slight_smile:
changed to

autostart: false
executable: lean29-generic
extra_args: “”
edge_bits: 29

and its working.

now to get CUDA going :wink:

thanks for your help