A little suggestion from me


“The aeternity team should also thing about ways too to give incentives to anyone that can help in anyway or the other, by doing that, we would be making things easier.”
• Tweeting and Retweeting of posts
• Sharing Aeternity updates on social media
• Make articles, video, infographics, share them on youtube, and other big platform.
• Engage the young,(student in the campus) there are young and vibrant to make this a reality.
• Other engaging giveaways once in a while.
• charity and good projects in our communities.

This are my suggestions, if i have any, i would let you guys know.


Hello @Barineka!

Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:

I personally don’t think it is a great idea to incentivize (for example as a bounty) the tweeting/retweeting/sharing of posts in social media. We have never organized such a bounty for, if I may say, ideological reasons. We don’t think paying for shares and likes is something a self-respecting projects should do.

Your other suggestions are great and we are actually organizing contests and bounties. We will publish a new one very soon.

The aeternity Crypto Foundation will also start supporting micro-projects coming from the community very soon.

Thanks again! We appreciate your input!