A Look Beyond the Veil of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

ækiti SuperHeroLeague: A Look Beyond the Veil of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The Brief

The gathering of developers, entrepreneurs, writers, designers, and lots more from and beyond the ækiti community to learn about cryptocurrencies and æternity blockchain is the aim of this event. And a contest of 500+ AE reward is attached to the event for attendees to grab.

Date: Thursday, 16th July 2020

Time: 15:00 (WAT)

Venue: Jitsi Meeting Room(https://superhero.com/league)

The Sessions

  1. Cryptocurrencies: A Cause For Adoption
  2. Superhero and its Use Cases
  3. Sophia, A Better Smart Contract Programming Language
  4. History of the æternity Development Suite

The Contest

This contest is aimed to reward good deeds to all attendees using the Superhero platform. The contest will span 48 hours before the event(Tuesday 14th July 2020) to 24hrs after the event(Friday 17th July 2020). Participating in the contest as an attendee is pretty easy provided the contest rules are strictly followed.

The Tags

Hashtags are: #superheroleague #superhero #aekiti

Handles are:

  • Twitter: @superhero_chain, @AeternityEkiti
  • Facebook: @legionofsuperheroes, @aeternityekiti
  • LinkedIn: @superherolegion
  • Instagram: @superhero.com.official

The Rules

Participating in the contest simply means tipping any content on the web(Medium write-ups, GitHub repositories, YouTube videos, digital designs, a simple tweet/post, etc) using the Superhero platform. But also ensure the content creator is informed that a tip has been made so they can claim the tip.

The important rules are, you must:

  • have a SuperHero wallet [for more information on SuperHero visit Medium and Youtube],
  • join ækiti Telegram group,
  • make at least 1 social media post/tweet during the contest period using the Hashtags and Handles respectively,
  • include all Hashtags in a tip description.

The Reward

In this contest, 500AE or more will be awarded to all attendees that participate in this contest in the following manner:

Beginner Stage

This is the first stage where you get 10AE. You will be reimbursed for a newly created .chain name with 5AE and 5AE will also be given to you so you can tip content creators.

Advanced Stage

This stage is where you get a 10AE provided you have tipped at least 3 contents(using the hashtags) with a minimum of 8AE.

Winner Stage

This stage is where the winners of the contest are selected based on the total number of tips made and how relevant the tipped content is to the event theme. Below is the winners’ reward:

  • 1st Position gets 100AE
  • 2nd Position gets 60AE
  • 3rd Position gets 40AE

The AMA Session

Join ækiti lead and æmbassador, Emmanuel Joseph(JET), in our Ask Me Anything session on YouTube to learn more about the event and its contest on Monday 13th July 2020 by 15:00 (WAT).

Save the date:


Looking forward to it!! :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


looking forward to gain experience for our very own super hero league experience.


Hello #superheroes,

Our contest starts tomorrow!!!
Are you ready for some serious Superhero work!

Today’s #AMA session was awesome. If you missed it, no sweat you can catch up to learn about the contest:

Get geared up for tomorrow and be a #superhero

#aekiti #superheroleague


Local #superheroleague update

Social Media Update


Find all tweet relating to the event using the thread:


Get up to date info on at:


Find other updates on @emmanueljet Instagram and LinkedIn feeds at https://www.instagram.com/emmanueljet_ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmanueljet respectively

Contest Update

#aekiti contest event is presently ongoing and will span for a total of 96hours. Find the tipped contest content on https://superhero.com. Note this contest include three hashtags(#superheroleague #superhero #aekiti) on each content

Speaker Update

Our event speakers are ready to equip our attendees with Cryptocurrency and æternity blockchain Knowledge.

YouTube Update

We have made a separate Playlist that will hold all Superhero content from ækiti. Find playlist at:

Important Link

Event Details:

League Room:

YouTube Livestreem


You can join SuperheroLeague ækiti live now on https://league.superhero.com/aekiti ! :raised_hands: :earth_africa: :smiley:

Also find the agenda on https://superhero.com/league

Youtube Livestream on: https://youtu.be/1XGKiJBExAk


Video links to the League will be made available soon, as sessions will be divided into different videos on the @aeternityekiti YouTube channel.

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Yes, the virtual event is over and was a success. If you missed the event no worries we got you covered. Re-watch the live stream at:

You can also go over a particular session of the Regional #superheroleague as we have created a Playlist to aid you on our YouTube channel. Find playlist at:

Anticipate more…


Amazing #superheroes, our #superheroleague contest has ended and we say a very big thank you to the participants that partook in it. We trust you enjoyed being a #superhero.

#contest #result is out, find the winners on https://superhero.com using #aekiticontestwinner, #aekiticontestrunnerup, #aekiticontestfrontrunner, and #aekiticontestant.


Hello Superheroes!

You can now read the #superheroleague report on Medium.


Thanks for writing this thorough overview @emmanueljet! It is a well summarized overview for those who missed the event :muscle:

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