A New Chapter in 2020 — Marion Vogel to pursue new endeavors

Hello all,

We have some news to share:

As of March, Marion Vogel will leave the æternity Crypto Foundation to pursue new paths.

Read the announcement below:

As parting gift, Marion is kicking off her non-profit initiatives by donating 10.000 CHF to be awarded to a social impact project — based on æternity blockchain and governed by the æternity Crypto Foundation.

Thank you, Marion, for your hard work in building the Foundation and the AE ecosystem. On behalf of the whole AE family, we wish you all the best and are excited to see what you will be coming up with next.



Wish you all the best on your future path Marion :hugs::heart:

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Thank you for your great work, dear @marion ! It was really a pleasure to work with you at the Aeternity Crypto Foundation and to learn also some valuable things from you! Keep on the great work and your passion you’ve!

All the best,

Thank you @marion it was always a great pleasure working with you and you will be missed!