A problem with AirGap Wallet

Dear forum,

I have a problem with airgap wallet, my wallet adres shows the balance of my AE tokens, but it doesn’t show a balance in $ , it simply says $0.00. I also cant sent any coins because of that.

What could be going on or what can I do?

I have over 100.000 AE’s stored on the wallet, it shows it on the balance.

Very strange.

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AirGap uses the http://mainnet.aeternal.io API for some operations, so there could be an issue with the 3rd-party service. I’m not sure if that’s the problem, but I think you should be aware of that.

I’m not sure about the balance issue, but it could be something similar with the service that converts AE_USDT. Again, just speculating.

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Cheers, Willem