A Proposal to Correct the Chinese Name of "Auntie Coin" to "Eternity"

Our Chinese community has a very popular proposal: the Chinese name of “Auntie Coin” should be corrected to “Eternity”.
Reason: Aeternity removes “a” and “eternity” can be translated into Chinese “eternity”

Eternity is a Chinese vocabulary. Pinyin: yǒng héng, which means [forever] and [forever], means that the spirit and the world will always exist and remain unchanged, symbolizing people’s good wishes for life and the world.

In the past, the Chinese name “Auntie Coin” could not perfectly explain the meaning of aesthetics.
We hope that after this proposal is passed and the Chinese name of Aeternity is corrected to “Eternity”, there will be a new beginning and a new mythical era will be opened.

Old Chinese name: 阿姨币

New Chinese name: 永恒

The naming of the blockchain platform “æternity” intriguingly ties to the fundamental characteristic of blockchain technology: its tamperproof nature. In essence, blockchains are designed to be immutable ledgers, where once data is recorded, it becomes almost impossible to alter or delete. This immutability confers a sense of permanence or ‘eternity’ to the data or transactions stored on the blockchain.

In the context of æternity, this permanence is a crucial feature. The platform aims to provide scalable, efficient solutions for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, leveraging blockchain’s inherent qualities of transparency and security. The name “æternity” thus encapsulates the enduring, unchangeable nature of the records and contracts executed on its blockchain. It conveys the idea that once something is inscribed on the æternity blockchain, it attains a form of digital eternity, preserved indefinitely in its original state.

This concept of permanence is critical in the blockchain world because it builds a foundation of trust and reliability. Users and developers can have confidence that the transactions, agreements, and data are preserved without alteration, forming a stable, unassailable record. In a broader sense, æternity’s name reflects the transformative potential of blockchain technology to create a more enduring, unalterable, and trustworthy digital world.

It is not eternal by name; It’s about teams and communities working together to become bigger and stronger; Become the top 10 public chain; The present aeternity is getting weaker and weaker; Can’t be arrogant; Be wary of aeternity blockchains disappearing at any time

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tell me. what did you do for aeternity?

Eternity is forever (Yǒnghéng jí shì yǒngyuǎn).

I hold ae; I am a shareholder of ae, I provide advice and promote ae in the community; But did the team do anything? Hyperchain development has not been online for 4 years; The market value dropped to rank 1000; Community hopes ae can be reborn from the ashes; But there was no visible effort or improvement from the team.

interesting that you are doing so much for aeternity but you don’t know that aeternity does not have shares and does not have one single team responsible for it? aeternity is decentralized like bitcoin. the coin of aeternity blockchain is called AE (originally AEON). aeternity is decentralized blockchain software run by independent node operators and secured by miners all over the world. the software is running out in the wild for many years now. I am not running any node myself nor am I mining. hyperchains development is coordinated by the aeternity foundation. I gave it a name and I open sourced my ideas about hyperchains years ago already. I also find it unfortunate that nobody managed to develop something useful out of hyperchains so far, same way I find it very unfortunate that the Chinese call aeternity “auntie” - this is ridiculous and does not show respect to the miraculous technology which got developed. but it is not in my power to tell the chinese how this tech should be called. but nice that at least @xuanyi is noticing and trying to make an impact.

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Thanks for your feedback; I would like to ask you: Is Ethereum decentralized? Does Ethereum have a team? Is Vitalik’s identity on Ethereum the same as your identity on AE? Who leads the AE Foundation? Is the AE Foundation funded by ico? Who should lead Aeternity development?

Hello Mr. Yani,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am a Chinese investor and I would like to explain something regarding the terminology used within the Chinese community to refer to AE.

In China, AE coin is commonly referred to as “阿姨币” (meaning aunt) which is a translation of its name. In the Chinese context, the pronunciation of AE sounds similar to “阿姨” (meaning aunt) but it does not carry any discriminatory connotations. Similarly, in the Chinese community, ETH is also referred to as “姨太” (meaning auntie) because the pronunciation of “ET” sounds similar to “姨太” (meaning auntie). This designation is not discriminatory either, but rather reflects the affectionate relationship users have with these coins. Within the Chinese context, both “阿姨” (meaning aunt) and “姨太” (meaning auntie) are endearing terms of reference.

Furthermore, the official implementation timeline of HyperChain is of great interest to everyone. Given that AE has been silent in terms of market promotion for a considerable period of time, it is necessary to introduce new activities to stimulate interest and engagement.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards, Bigtree.chain.

thank you @Bigtree.chain for trying to explain.

aunt, auntie and aunty is the same meaning in English. some even say its pronounced the same in English. Why is it different in Chinese?

Super confusing. Especially because it sounds like aeternity is a copycat of ethereum which is absolutely not the case.

Why are the Chinese not calling æternity blockchain 永恒区块链 (Yǒnghéng qū kuài liàn)? The name says it all.

Ethereum isn’t anymore decentralised when you read following article: Fewer Transactions Sanctioned by U.S. Government's OFAC Are Getting Through on Ethereum, Data Shows
Seems that the US politics took over Ethereum.

I am trying to push the aeternity foundation to make a public update about itself since too many people are asking me about what is going on. And it is not me who you should be looking to. I am not the Vitalik of aeternity.