A Step counter betting game on æternity


I just joined a fitness challenge betting game, You bet 40$ that you will hit your walking goals 5 days in a week for 6 straight weeks. If you miss it you loose all the money. Whoever reaches the end and hits all the goals splits the pot.


And after I joined it hit me, this could be done 10x better by using smart contracts and oracles and bet using cryptocurrencies.

I’m just putting it out there, if anyone wants to discuss it or even take a crack at it I’m willing to help in any way I can.


There is already a blockchain use-case of this
I have their pitch deck if you are interested will share with you.:grinning:


Thanks Tina please share it :slight_smile: Puml sounds really great but has a fatal flaw (it’s not built on æternity) :wink:


That sounds very cool. I checked and the Android version shows over 100,000 installs.


So here’s another sphere where cryptocurrencies can be actually useful


Absolutely, we should think of an improved version and implement it on æternity :grinning: