A talk on æternity as a ideal blockchain protocol

I will be guest at the Let’s talk crypto community meetup on Sunday, we will be having a discussion on the topic tagged :

A talk on æternity as an ideal blockchain protocol

The event is made to promote æternity within the community and also talk about the features, products and use cases for æternity.

We will also be discussing about the ongoing human Defi hæck and the startup superhero event coming up this month locally.

Let’s talk crypto community, a community of blockchain enthusiast which are all active and are interested in discovering new and viable blockchain projects monthly.



Twitter post from host and lead

Tweet from @successoganiru.chain

Looking forward having a nice time and talking about æternity.


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Excellent @successoganiru.chain, let us know how it goes and if you need any help to prepare your event, looking forward to it! :raised_hands:

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we had a good time on Sunday 22nd November discussing aeternity as an ideal blockchain protocol with the let’s talk crypto community

We had an attendance of 20 participants

See full playback video on youtube for all discussion topics and full meetup

See twitter post by community lead

I’m glad to share aeternity with communities any time as the opportunity comes.

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Thanks for this great talk @successoganiru.chain! I just got to watch the video and it was really quite a complete presentation :clap::clap:

Could you please summarize all the questions that came up after your presentation (from Suleman and the whole whatsapp group chat which we couldn’t see in the video please) :eyes:

How do you see a WhatsApp group on a recording :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Maybe I share a link so we can join the community.

WhatsApp groups are more used over here for community building as a form of online information sharing like the use of telegram for aeternity’s official chat room.

Let’s talk crypto community is a dedicated community or crypto users from designers, to developers and traders and folks who work as ambassadors for other projects, so it’s a whole package.

The two questions by the lead of the community was taken and answered on the meetup as seen in the recording one came in before the meetup which he mentioned and the other on the cause of my presentation, which I saw and he later read out.

I received other messages on my WhatsApp about superhero, after the event which I handled some were a little above the now functions of superhero.com, which I gave a futuristic answer to since superhero.com is still in beta stage.

Those are the questions that came in generally.

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Thanks @successoganiru.chain! I was mostly curious about the messages from the rest of the community, so it would be great if you could detail the questions about Superhero here again :slight_smile:

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Okay as relating questions to superhero first was how is superhero better, which I answered adequately ( we can reference the recording on youtube above for that).

Other questions were as follows :

aside tips how does superhero replace social media platforms, my answer in summary was true superhero may not have all the functions of a social media application but in few times to come we will see these functions developed and refered back to the presentation for other mentions on the functions superhero now offer as a social media platform.

Are there planed improvement on the ui of superhero, also my answer YES truly and surely that’s for sure, we are doing alot even in beta stage.

I didn’t want to mention this but I will even as funny as it is,

“Great presentation success, I didn’t know aeternity is still working I heard of it a long time ago and I thought it was no more, what’s the plan like”

I emphasized on the presentation we had and sent her the updated road map and let her know aeternity is two years not so long in the market and even though 2020 wasn’t a good year for every one we know lots more coming in for 2021 and we hope to do more,

Then she agreed and said it’s good to know alot it’s happening with aeternity.

Generally those were the dms I received, others were around the same questions.

That’s all in summary.

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Perfect, thanks for letting us know @successoganiru.chain! Great work :nerd_face: :muscle: