A team from Liechtenstein joins AEternity

Hello everybody,

Let me introduce our new team: crypto.aLIEns.

I am a professor at the University of Liechtenstein. Together with @Nikitina and @IKolopatin we are excited to learn more about AEtermity and, in particular, its hyperchain project. We would like to investigate the feasibility of storing images on a hyperchain to prevent their unauthorized manipulation. We do not have a precise understanding of how to accomplish it yet but, I guess, all research projects start like that.

Looking forward to making our first steps in this journey.


Hey @laskov, really glad to have you join the æternity community! Your idea sounds interesting! I suppose you would be using a sort of custom hyperchain to store the images on the POS child chain and have it secured by one of the bigger POW networks like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. ?

In any case I suggest you to consult the Hyperchain development updates here on the forum: HyperChains 0.2

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Thanks, @erik.chain. This is pretty much our intent. We’ll certain check out that forum.

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Hi Pavel, nice to see you are now with us!

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