About aex-9 deployment, document description and consensus

Deploy a contract in aex-9, init it with 4 parameters.

    name: string,
    decimals : int,
    symbol : string,
    initial_owner_balance : option(int)


'WeTrue Token', '18', 'WTT', '1000000000000000000000000000'

There is no objection to the two parameters name and symbol.

decimals has no specific description, I should fill in 18 , or 100000000000000000

initial_owner_balance should be the initial amount, so I want to mint 100 WTT should fill in 100 ? or 100000000000000000000

At the same time, the total amount cannot be limited in aex9, so the contract creator can mint infinitely.


Decimals is just a metadata field considered by UIs, so 18 decimals = 100000000000000000 → 1 as information for a UI/DEX. When working with the contract you always pass the smallest unit 1 = 1; 100000000000000000 = 100000000000000000