About the Data Storage

If developers build a lot dapps on blockchian,and a lot of people will use these dapps,
so there will be a huge amount of data on this blockchian,as time goes by.How can a normal node store those data?
it must be a super node,and the cost will be incredible.
if that,how to keep this blockchian decentralied?
maybe the harddisk will be cheaper and cheaper, i don’t know.
I have been confused about it for a long time,but I dont know how to solve this problem.
Could someone say something about it?

it seems that the dapps won’t store all the data on blockchain,they store the key result data on blockchain。

yeah,I know that,just like the Bitcoin light node,they just store the head of the data structure,
but the Bitcoin is just doing a single simple job,just trasaction,so the data structure is simple.
but if we want the blockchian to do more work,the data must be much more bigger.
just like, a video website or something like that?
or the the blockchian can just be used in some specific area?

This is exactly the nature of on-chain data. This is why it is expensive and the price is the factor that stops it from bloating.

Cases you mention like websites, videos will be handled via state channels, where the data is local and off-chain.

The hard disk may be the smallest problem blockchain have when chain grows. Its the memory and computation power to validate everything in (pseudo) real time is limiting factor and costs the most.

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