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Hi Everyone there,I am Mark,from china. Today I want to join the ambassador program, please check the following informations.
I founded the AEchina community in the beginning of the Part II of the program. and then I created the QQ group and wechat group.
In china , the most popular chating software is QQ and wechat,
For the QQ group, I created the first one now has 2000people(640677781). For the second group now has more than 1400 people(702175999).
For the Wechat group, I created now 3 groups total more than 1200 people. You can add: abinble to join us!
And also for another software which is knowlege globle(called AE中国=AEChina) now has more than 2300 people. It is a place very good for the ae information speard.
My community waibo: AEChina_cn focus on the AE team news and program news as well.
For now the AEchina community more than 6000people and I believe more and more people are joining in and spread the ae.


Thank you Mark for the information, your work with setting up the China community and your AEmbassador application!

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Hi Mark,

Could you email me [email protected]? Or alternatively schedule a call with me using our Application Form: https://goo.gl/9FKvrf

Thanks man! -Julio!

Hello @vlad.chain Am Atwinirembazi Lucky from Uganda
I have been looking at posts being posted by my friends on social medias, i had to do some more personal research about aeternity hence finding out this platform.
How i wish i can also be part of spreading aeternity’s word worldwide.
Thank you.

Hello everybody! I’m J.C. Delpino from Caracas-Venezuela, I’ve been Aembassador for a few months, here are some of the things I’ve done so far!

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Hi Atwinirembazi Lucky, if you would like to contribute could you please sign up as æmbassador here? :slight_smile:

Great work Juan Carlos!! Please keep us posted about your activities and your results in Caracas so far :smiley:

Hi Erik, got your last e-mail.Now i have lots of marketing material and i plan to use it!

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Hi, Aeternity is always looking for enthusiasts all over the world , please get in touch with Erik and he’ll get you going. Good Luck my friend!

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We had a small but nice Aeternity London Meetup on the 12 January 2019

Thanks for the aeternity community that turned up, also thank you for Erik for being in London at the time.

More photos and videos to follow.

Aeternity London Meetup


I am Engr Samest an africa community leader and influencer of over 1000 members. I have handled many projects to completion. I’m a t blockchain trainer, and a business lead of yensesa project. I’m the CEO of blockafrica the website is still under construction but we have different projects we support. Our aim is to training Africans and anyone that connect with us on blockchain… We are a support group and we have developer corner with many expert as part of our team.

I am a witness on whaleshares with wls-africa account name and I’m samest on whaleshares, bearshares, scorum, smoke and the team has build so many projects.

The team build a notification bot on whaleshares and smoke and we own yensesa.com. our aim is to bring yensesa platform in to aerating blockchain. We hope to have many meetups has we have been having in aerating project will be one of our target. I will love to be one of your ambassador and bring more Africans to the knowing of this project. Our project will increase traffic and support on your blockchain and this will bring more development to the project.

I will be glad to receive from you asap.
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: Engr_Samest

Thank you.

Hi everyone my name is Emmanuel Joseph (@emmanueljet). I currently lead the organizing team for æternity ekiti.

Connect with æternity ekiti
Twitter - https://twitter.com/AeternityEkiti
Telegram - https://t.me/joinchat/LHm-UE63UDgw30JmU8EIXQ


Hi guys, am Chris from Kenya and very much happy to learn and be part of æternity. Let’s spread the word about æternity’s blockchain platform and make this world a better place.



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Great to have you here Chris! :clap::clap:

We welcome everyone from the community interested in joining the æmbassador program! My name is Erik Vollstädt and I help our community members to participate in our global efforts to spread the word about æternity’s technology and its benefits for scalable use cases. If you want to join us either by holding technical workshops at universities and co-working spaces in your area or simply by helping us to connect with your business network, you can join our æmbassador program and earn various types of bounties for your community initiatives: :fire: https://goo.gl/forms/9XUBYJ6ze44p2ddZ2

You can use this template for your introductory talks, but feel free to modify this or create completely new presentations! :bulb: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1w2HcFxI9HCZd4C3njPX43CcsOdLfbBEKMLxtVQF9J8Y/edit?usp=sharing

There are various possibilities within the program, after proving yourself with your first local meetups you may request to travel to other cities in your region or even to step up to become a Lead æmbassador and recruit æmbassadors within your part of the world. It’s also possible to hold virtual meetups and inform your peers abroad about æternity’s technology through webinars. You will receive more details about the requirements and rewards for these contributions as soon as you are accepted in the æmbassador program. Meanwhile, check out this article about the travelling æmbassador program to get an idea: :airplane::bus::ship::kick_scooter: https://blog.aeternity.com/join-the-new-travelling-æmbassador-program-ca966066caf2

Find our upcoming æmbassador meetups in our events calendar: :calendar: http://teamup.com/ks7mgduhs9gwpu5ifp

Lastly, you may take a look at this thorough summary of our past æmbassador events around the world sponsored by the æternity Crypto Foundation! :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia: https://medium.com/aeternity-crypto-foundation/around-the-world-with-our-æmbassadors-see-where-weve-been-f3cba316339f

If you want to participate, please reach out to me via mail ([email protected]) or on Telegram @erikv_93 :rocket:

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