About tokens on the mainnet of AE

I know that tokens can be released on the mainnet of AE, but I understand that there are two difficulties at present:

1,Functions such as token transfers seem unfriendly and inefficient at the moment?

2,Currently, there is no such thing as wallet support, especially base aepp, a popular AE wallet in China。

ETH’s success is largely due to developers publishing their own COINS on it, whether it’s icos or others, where development teams need to raise money or make money.

I agree with you, would also like to know when people will be able to create their own tokens on ae blockchain??

Liuyang created one on it but didn’t experience it well and didn’t have wallet support.

Wallet support is the most important, like a standard erc20 wallet. So there should be a standard wallet for every token created on ae. Would be interesting to hear what the team has planned for this and when it will be implemented @emin .

Hey @lfh2msn and @Whyarewehere, the standard for fungible tokens creation on AE is currently being developed - you can provide your feedback here:


Hello @lfh2msn

  1. There is a proposal for tokens on AE - here - AEX 9 - Fungible Token
  2. Base app may still not support it because it is not finalized yet.

Currently the browser extension waellet supports the token standart, while also allowing you to easily create token of your own with only few clicks.

Feel free to test it! Providing feedback will also be highly appreciated.

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@r0b0t0 Is there a tutorial on how to make tokens in waellet extension and where should i leave feedback?

It is pretty straightforward:

You can leave feedback for both the waellet or the fungible tokens here in the forum.


Choose the token, it shouldn’t be under larry. If I have 100 tokens, how can I quickly find it and transfer it? I think anybit or imtoken can be referred to.

@r0b0t0 i am able to deploy a fungible token contract as you have done in those screenshots. But the amount of tokens is 0. Is it possible to make a certain number of tokens in that contract and are they able to be transfered?

This deploys a contract with burn and mint and unlimited supply for now. Can be found here: https://github.com/mradkov/aeternity-fungible-token

if you call the mint and burn methods you will be able to create and remove tokens after deployment.

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How do you suggest we make it?

Would it be more user-friendly with a search box or something similar?

On a page, a line of tokens. It might be easier to find. Show it with a balance, or leave it undisplayed. You can, of course, add an existing token with no balance. Of course, it would be better if you had a better plan.



I am having trouble figuring out how to call the mint function to create the tokens. If anyone could explain for a noob I would be very thankful

Currently you need to do it manually via interface of your own. If you run your aepp on a website you can take advantage of the Aepp object that the weallet injects and make a contract call: Aepp.request.contractCall({...}).

More info here in waellet wiki

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